Sierra 7

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Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail

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Feb 9, 2011 | 5:58 PM EST
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Author Comments

// Note - This is the newgrounds release of the game that has been on Armorgames as pre-release.

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A flash first person shooter that pins you in a world-wide war between private militia companies out for government-targeted violence & carnage.

You are the 7th special operative in the Unit "Sierra" which is tasked to neutralize the militia forces with your superior skills & tactics.


Mouse - Aim & Fire
Space - Execute Actions
R - Reload
F - Change Firing rate
Q - Change Weapon
V - Night vision ( when prompted )
Down Key - Pause / Menu



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good direction, but not quite stellar.

I've got a lot of complaints about this one, so I'll use the space to write more about things you can improve on rather than the things that were done right.

The Good:
Nice overall concept, not original, but works. Shooting is not perfectly accurate, and pretty much requires using semi-auto for longer ranged shots. Challenging to a good degree, but not unbeatable. Nice variety on the weapons. Challenge stages add more replayability to an otherwise short game. Enemies being randomized makes for tense and fresh gameplay.

The Bad:
A number of strange design decisions: Enemies have wonky inconsistent accuracy, ranging from terrible to perfect one shot-hits from blindfiring. Which leads into the next bad point: all enemies have the same accuracy regardless of their stance, so someone sticking out his arm to blindfire has a tiny hitbox yet can hit you just as well as someone standing out in the open. This can be very unfair, especially in the final mission when a ton of them will do this from far away.
Enemies also spawn far too randomly, sometimes placing too many ALERT people in one room, which is especially painful because in this game you are completely alone (which is another odd thing in a pseudo-realistic game, but I let that pass for stylistic reasons). Enemy weapons are also not colored differently, so I can never tell if they're already pointing a gun at me or not.

All of the above makes winning a level on higher difficulties more a matter of sheer dumb LUCK than any amount of skill.

The game also does not make the most out of the cover system. If we got to use it all the time in every shooting section, those above complaints might have been excused by how much better and easier it would have been to play, without dying multiple frustrating deaths that are not the fault of the player.
There is also no grenade / flashbang function, which would have been SO helpful.

The pump shotgun was generally useless as it fired too slowly and had a ridiculous spread at the ranges I used them at, often missing people in the same room. Semi-auto shotgun: see bottom.

I did not like using a crosshair as opposed to the superior iron sights in your older game, Weapon. Which comes into another point, of all the things to take out of the HUD in Elite mode, the sights were the worst thing gone. Since we can't even look down the sights of the weapon, knowing if it has catched up with the player cursor is impossible, and caused some of the misses I made using the shotgun. The rest can be invisible, but the sights should always remain.

Lastly, just a minor complaint with the sniping: I really wished you could wait for the wind to dynamically change before making a shot, but apparently the game only changes it whenever you perform an action, instead of randomly by its own.

The Ugly:
2. When I went for the second shotgun you get for beating Recruit mode (after beating Veteran and Elite), the clock timer on the training mission NEVER STARTS. This bug completely broke the game for me, and I do not want to do everything all over again.
3. There is a mismatch of descriptions with the Sniping emblem. It seems that it was originally meant to reward you with an M14/M21 for doing the sniping mission perfectly, but for some reason it gives you a G36 instead. I suspect teamwork error since I notice that this is a collab project as listed on your page.
4. This one may be my own computer's problem, but I have this issue where the game just suddenly starts lagging like crazy, with a lot of actions happening not in slow motion, but with a severe time lag. Meanwhile, enemies are NOT affected. I had this problem in Weapon as well, and it does not seem related to the number of enemies on the screen.
5. In the hostage rescue mission, I initially always shot the man on the right first because he was pointing a gun at the hostage's head, while the one on the left appeared to have his HANDS IN HIS POCKETS. Yet, if I do this the left hostage always dies. This is a gross gameplay error that should be fixed.

That's all for now.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Game But What Happened At The End?

Good animation, realistic sounds and physics, nice boss fight...wait what? The game is supposed to be about realism but I end things with a boss fight? So basically it sounds as though all the accuracy training acquired throughout the game counts for nothing when you have to shoot a guy in the head over and over. Moral of the story - no more boss fights in realistic games, no more boss fights period.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

good game

its an awesome game but a little laggy


Rated 5 / 5 stars


gold made flash fps. I will not tollerate objections. Simple graphics but stil detailed, realistic feeback during gameplay, oh yeah, really a brilliant example of how flash games should be developed around well known concept, gameplay and simple but effective graphics. simple my ass lol, did u see how the gun's are animated????


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good, but buggy.

This game has a good premise and a strong base even if your portrayal of certain weapons is more wrong than the movie human centipede. But all in all its excellent the problem is its riddled with bugs and small things that make the game, essentially unplayable. Enemies can duck into cover in almost any area, yet the players choice of cover is non-existant. Second, when enemies are drifting out of cover into line of sight they have some sort of magical barrier protecting them, or no hit box, ive seen countless headshots miss and go through invincibility frames, check into that, its very bad when playing on harder difficulty where even 1 shot means getting hit. Also blind firing enemies.. hit wayy too often, sorry to say but sticking your arm around a corner and firing without looking... needs to be less effective, perhaps give the enemies hit boxes behind the wall instead of expecting us to shoot at a stick hand. and finally, the final level, with the shooting gallery style encounter.. the cover system there, while refreshing makes you completly blind, perhaps giving a blind fire option in cover will improove this.

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