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Feb 4, 2011 | 7:58 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 5, 2011
  • Weekly 5th Place February 9, 2011

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Author Comments

High Tea is a strategic plate-spinning game, you play an independent British smuggler selling opium in China's Pearl Delta.

Buy cheap and sell high to make a profit, but make sure you also obtain enough tea to keep Britain happy. You have ten years before the opium wars begin - can you make your fortune?

Based on historical events, this game also shines a light on a questionable episode in the history of the British Empire.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Love it

I really enjoy these fast pace tycoon games. However, I do hate it when it becomes really unbalance.

Towards the end, buyers was buying opium at a extremely low price. I was able to forge up to around 5xx tea in 3 games. Not once was i close to get 660. As i played more, i notice that i should take advantage when tea is super low (buying under the price of 20-30). However, even if i take extreme advantage of low low price, I still can forge up enough money to get enough tea in the end. Simply, the price for per tea was at 70-80$ per chest. I thought i would have enough with 22k but unfortunately, i didn't and came out short. Would love to play a longer, more balance game in the future.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


It's a niche kind of game, of course it's gonna be repetitive, that's pretty much what stocks are. And luck is a pretty big part of how successful you can be, as it is with the game. So it does get frustrating, but it's very winnable, and enjoyable.

Actually it makes me wanna go back and play Drug Wars.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting game.


Silver is useless unless it's being moved around. Always make sure to be trading, but don't be so hasty as to buy when tea/opium is in the 80s or sell to a buyer for 18 silver/box. Stock up on opium early, before you have competition. Then, once the tea clipper arrives, buy all the tea you can. There is no penalty for allowing Britian to wait a bit for their tea!

The price of tea is only going to rise throughout the game, barring the crash, so it is best to buy early; but don't let your opium run out!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Opium and Tea huh?

Even though its very repetitive, I was addicted to the point until I beat it, it took me about 10-15 times to finally beat it, if you beat something like this, you just have to call yourself a tycoon of some sort.

This is a great game for someone on the go, who is looking for a quick feeling of accomplishment who is also looking to get a little gaming in before they start their day, it doesn't take very long to beat if you know what you are doing, and use the proper strategy.

My only problems were when I first played I had a hard time figuring out the interface, and what all the tabs were for under each item, like how much you want to buy, but after awhile I understood it. My next problem was, even though I beat it eventually, the ships came in too fast, the years progressed too quick, and I believe the overall interface was too simple, I feel like a more drawn out, longer game thats like this, but has many more features, even though it was quick and addicting to finally beat, I longed for something that took longer to beat.

If you decide to make a new smuggling game, which I think you should, drug smuggling games are about as addictive as zombie games these days. The next drug smuggling game should have a funner interface, where instead of just seeing little ships zip to an area, maybe you can travel on your own, you can create different characters with different classes, different types of smuggling vehicles, some carry light loads, while others carry bigger loads. Also add some combat to the mix, maybe you can steal someone else's drugs in the process.

One more issue, all the people requesting opium looked the same, that took away from the realism of a serious drug game in my opinion.

I know I'm nowhere near as good as you making games, and you probably think I should just shut up, but I feel I'm just giving my honest opinion, and trying to share some ideas with you, should you ever wish to make a better game in the future.

Overall it was a great game for what it was, but I think it would be better if it had alot more features, where you can walk around, upgrade things, hire people to work for you, take hit contracts on people, or give out the hit contracts, think about it, if this can addict me and give me a quick satisfying feeling of beating it, imagine what this game I'm talking about could do? Just trying to help.

Make more in the future, I enjoyed playing this, for what it was, even though it was really short, just make longer games like this, with way more features.

8/10 stars

4/5 vote panel

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Game

You have to be very alert to price fluctuations