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Pandora's Seed

rated 3.95 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jan 30, 2011 | 6:23 PM EST

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Author Comments

Travel a vast game world filled with towns and monsters as you complete your quest to slay the roots of evil. Collect new weapons, skills, equipment and spells as you battle through 4 dungeons and slay 10 terrifying bosses.

Controls: Arrows-move, D-Attack, E-Toggle text boxes, M-Music on/off, SPACE-Menu.
Learned Moves: A-Dash, S-Magic Attack, W-Toggle Spells.

Veiw Trailer: tch?v=K11_yCl-tSI

Personal Note: I made this game a long time ago, but only now am getting around to releasing it. This was my final project in AS2, and have since then begun work on a much more advanced AS3 successor to it. I consider making this game mostly a learning experience, and looking back I see several design flaws that I hope to improve upon in the future. That being said, I hope you can enjoy this game for what it is as well as leave me as much feed back as possible so that we can work together in making the next one a wonderful as it can possibly be.

Thank you so much for your time.

*EDIT* Removed some code that could be the cause of some of the lag, hopefully resubmitting the swf didn't clear anyone's save files.

*BIG EDIT* Many people have experienced issues with 'invisible enemies' which I suspect is an issue with memory running low causing these objects no to load. I HIGHLY suggest if you are having these issues to please try downloading the game to your desktop and playing it offline, this should give you the full game experiance and eliminate lag and loading issues.

*BIGGEST EDIT* This one has me baffled but some people have encountered a glitch towards the end of the game that causes it to seem to 'freeze'. If the game stops while talking to Envy, I ask you to just wait a minute or two and it will continue, there is supposed to be a cutscene that loads and tells the history of the sisters, after it is done the game will continue (even if it is for some reason invisible) if this happens just wait for it to finish, and then return to the Ice Cave. So you do not miss out, I will go ahead an post the story here.

My sisters and I were not always this way...
Many lifetimes ago, on a long forgotten star, there was only Father.
In this time, Father's power and brilliance knew no equal.
But Father was alone.

From Father's heart, life was granted to our world.
We, his daughters, were entrusted with the keeping of all life.
We watched and guided it, and were beloved by all.
Father looked and he saw that it was good.

Eons passed, and with every day our love grew stronger and stronger.
Until one day, Sister fell in love with one of Father's own creations.
The others were cautious of such a union,
but I rejoiced in her happiness.

But the life of a mortal was never meant to last.
Tragedy struck, and Sister fell into sorrow.
All of us mourned her loss, but it was not enough.
Her pain consumed her, and she became as one with it.

For it is easier to draw from darkness then good.
Following in Sister's example, we became
twisted forms of our former selves.
More powerful then we had ever imagined.

But there was a cost.
We drained our world of life, leaving only ruin.
We needed a new world, new life to consume.
And so we turned to Father.

Father, in his love, granted us our every desire.
Guiding us to new and beautiful worlds.
Each of which turned to ruin in our hands.
Even Father could not escape this fate.

Father is now little more then an empty husk.
Bound by the will of me and my sisters.
Despair will never allow it to end.
She will continue to feed until life itself is no more.

Please, I beg you.
Put an end to this cycle of hate.
You must stop Despair.
Only then will Father finally be allowed to rest...

Return to the cave...
I will be waiting for you there...

*/End Spoilers*

I Hate AS2 :P



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this game so much! We were playing it with a friend. And after few months of trying to figure out what to do we've finally finished it! However, I still don't get what you eed to do i order to open those chests bith barriers. They just seem so random... Does anyone know? I'd like to get that infinite mana armor before facing Macabre again but I don't understand how. And also open all of them.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Lovely, attractively simple-styled game that I'd love to continue...
Moved to play the game here when a glitch on another website got it completely stuck every time I entered the second boss room (Macabre).
Managed to defeat Macabre on this site, despite invisibility glitch, but completely stuck in the second part of the "hive" dungeon: the semi-boss of the great eye with little ones hovering around it at great speed.
First of all, some glitch (again) causes me to lose any keys I had on me when I hit the safe point: Each time I try and defeat the semi-boss and die, I have to go through the whole bleeping dungeon again in order to gather the keys and get the room open.
Then, inside, I have no idea how to beat the thing. Searched for hints and walkthroughs, but nothing, not anywhere.
I tried lighting the three pyres in every. single. possible order (123, 132, 231, 213, 312, 321) I tried different weapons, different spells- different spells on different parts/ angles of the enemy (I thought maybe the "green" spell could work against the eye-thingies, because earlier you could use it to shut one). Nothing. Big eye doesn't open and nothing affects it, so I just stay there lighting stuff, drinking HP potion until I run out and one of the hover-eyes gets me.
Is this also a glitch? The thing just doesn't open? In any case I would like to see the Mysterious Vanishing of the Keys fixed... And perhaps a hint to the pyres/ eye?
Do you perhaps need to hit it from below with a green spell while the pyres are lit in a specific order, or something? Just "lit" (can't remember which order I lit them when I tried that) and green spell doesn't work either... And then my HP ran out for the... Seventh time I think. Before being returned to the entrance safe point. Again, without keys. Even though I made sure to return there with two keys in my pocket before heading to the semi-boss room. -.- This just ain't fun anymore.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Pandora's Seed is an action rpg that was influenced by The Legend of Zelda. The graphics look nice for when the game was created. There are glitches that really ruin the game. Pandora's Seed needs to have the glitches fixed , and polish to make the game be the best that is can be.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love playing this game. It is a real time eater. And even though I know that it is meant to challenge, I wouldn't mind that once a door is opened it would stay open. It would be less annoying on my part. Other than that. Really great job!
The music chosen for this game goes along with the game nicely as well. The animations and characters are simple but like able.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

So much potential overshadowed by failure

I really enjoyed playing this game, but everytime i would leave one area I would not be able to re-enter to previous room, and it got really annoying to the point wehre I didn't want or care about finishing the game. I would have to re-start the game from my save point.Seriously needs an overhaul.