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Jan 23, 2011 | 12:58 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 24, 2011

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Guide your mage to the top ranking in Book of Mages! RPG with great story&multiple-endings

Book of Mages is a deep RPG game with great story, multiple-endings and a complex turn-based combat system. Choose who you want to be in the world of mages. Will you join the evil Black Robes, or the righteous White Robes? Will you become a traitor, a hermit, or even the Great Mage?

This is a game that will keep you entertained for ages. It has a great sense of adventure and huge amount of detail. It has multiple endings and 6 clans to choose from. Will you join the evil Black Robes, or the righteous White Robes? It's all you could ask for in an RPG. Put on your best robes and have it!

The learning curve might be steep, but it is worth it as you can replay the game many times with different outcomes!



Rated 5 / 5 stars 12 days ago

A really nice game. It's really fun to find all the different routes you can take.

For every clan, there's a good way to beat opponents. I will list one option for each of the clans.

Poison Water: Focus on defense with counter bolts to apply poison easily.
Great Sea: Same as Poison Water, except you have Mana Leak.
Ice Land: Freeze Defence and Freeze Attack are pretty solid ways to ensure a victory.
Dark Wood: While the Curse status is a good debuff, Silence is their main focus.
Chaos Desert: SPAM BOLTS! (seriously, that's all they do)
Burning Hill: That Combination Attack is almost always a surefire win. Not to mention a pretty useful bug...

About that bug.... The special magic Increase Power of Attacking Bolts grants +5 power. The Clan Magic Mana Attack doubles your power. Turning off the aforementioned special magic while Mana Attack is turned on causes your power to drop by 5, but then also turning off Mana Attack only halves your power again. For example: If you had 10 base power, you would have 30 with both of the buffs active and get 12,5 if you turn them off in the way I described.

In short: The power boost from the special magic is not counted as being doubled by Mana Attack.

Burning Hill mages can theoretically get infinite power for a single attack. This, together with the Combination attack, will cause a one-shot victory.


Rated 5 / 5 stars August 9, 2014

Nice RPG Games.. I looking forward for the games.. >.<


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 29, 2014

If you choose Chaos Desert as your clan, there is a surefire way to beat everyone almost 100% of the time
you need maxed attacking bolt numbers and burning at least 200 hp and at least 700 mp with max damage
then just fire all your most powerful attacks consecutively and you will beat your opponent before they can use there strongest skills
just beware the Great Sea because they can absorb your attacks at 50 special


Rated 5 / 5 stars April 17, 2014

Sooooo much fun. I remember the original book of mages, so this made me go nuts when I saw it.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars January 18, 2014

Love his game been trying to find it for months!