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Jan 8, 2011 | 4:57 AM EST

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The first part of the story is also available on Newgrounds or my website (the second is in a slightly higher resolution, since there's no filesize issue there). Both are linked through my profile, or just go to:


The Boy with Nails for Eyes is an independent motion comic. The story is set in a grimy, grey little seaside town trapped by a brick-and-iron wall of factories. It follows a young boy as he undertakes a quest that will draw him to the town's knotted heart, and into the domain of the shadowy hunger that stalks its streets.

In this chapter, the central character of the story, Bobby, sleeps - and a series of strange dreams drips through him.


The story is best viewed in FULLSCREEN MODE, but the text is larger than in past chapters so it should be easier to read without going fullscreen. Full instructions on viewing the story are given in the loading screen.

A lofi version of the comic, featuring the images and text only, is available at my site ( k).




Rated 5 / 5 stars

a masterpiece that can hold its own

Even without the previous storyline, this piece can hold its own to bring the characters together. There is nothing flawed in this work except for it leaving me wanting the rest of the story. You have, once again, performed a spectacular job on bringing art, story, and score together to combine for one of the richest experiences that someone could ascertain from what you consider a "web comic".

I loved the Danielewski story-like layout setting you continue to go with. There's something in the way it all works and meshes together that allows a person to cling on to each word and not just skip over it for the artwork.

I adored the layout and artwork to give it a chapter story book feel as well. Combining opening pages with color and converging the rest to black and white which gave it a nice subtlety of safe and secure to dark and fated.

The score was nothing short of perfectly laid out to each revelation as it broke away on the page. I am only saddened by the fact I can't obtain the entire score myself, but that just means I have to read through it again ;)

Overall I would like to commend you on, yet again, another phenomenal piece. If I could I was give you more but as Newgrounds has rating restriction I can't give you higher than a rating of 10 and submitted vote of 5.

Well done and eagerly waiting for Chapter 3 :)

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shngrdnr responds:

Thanks Arkhain - you obviously put a bit of time into your review, cheers.

I have to admit I've never read Danielewski, though I have heard of him - I'll have to look him up.

I'm especially glad you picked up on the progression from colour to black and white, which was a key element of the sequence. Thanks very much indeed for the great feedback!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Once More

You have yet to stop amazing me with this story. It's presentation was as always incredible, and as it slowly begins to unravel itself its plot begins only to be more and more intense and awe-inspiring.

Wonderful work yet again.

shngrdnr responds:

Thanks Cyryn, really appreciate it!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice story

the story was really good i believe but i found it hard to follow, for me it was how the sentences were presented. over all it was amazing just a little tweaking on presentation but still it was great!

shngrdnr responds:

Thanks Rabbit - sorry you found the word placement hard to follow, glad you enjoyed it in any case


Rated 5 / 5 stars


As with the others i really liked this, i liked the story told in his dream, the bitter sweet freedom of the puppets death makes you think. I also really liked your writing on how the laughter hurt him, really nice ideas. Only thing i'd say is it was a tad shorter than i'd hoped. Looking forward to the next one!
Oh and i LOVE the music

shngrdnr responds:

Thanks very much Pied - I'm going to be putting the soundtrack on Youtube - I'll have to give you a shout when it's all up!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Once again the artwork was brilliant. I enjoyed the way you transitioned through the artistic styles. From the illuminated manuscript style in the beginning to the more stylized line art of the puppet-master.

shngrdnr responds:

Cheers WhatNick - very glad you liked the transitions, they took a lot of work to get right