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Jan 6, 2011 | 11:12 AM EST
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***PLEASE DO NOT rip this and upload to Youtube. I've uploaded it myself under the account "ricepiratenewground s". Thanks.

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I wanted to try my hand at a typography animation, so I figured I'd give it a whirl with one of my favorite voice acting tracks in the audio portal: Dmac's "Dot Dot Dot", based on a review of Super PSTW Action RPG, created by Rhete.

* Thanks a million, Tom, for the FP! :D
** The background track is from Carl Orff's 'O Fortuna' (1935)

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Here's the ACTUAL review by axman13, beautiful misspellings and all (which was deleted, sadly):


i reley dont wan to say this, but i have to now.
this game is so esey. i mean, all you do is hit the spacebar. thats it! how is this an RPG anyway? you cant contrail anything but what it says on the screen! what if i didnt want to buy the potion? what apout quests? all you can upgrade is stranth? there is no way you can lose to the boss at the end! this game is crap! its not even an RPG at all! i mean look at it! in what way is this supposed to be an RPG if you can do quests and stuff? all you do is press one butten the entier time! explain to me! the athore coments al totol lies! is it supposed to be stick dudes? i dont even know how this damn game got the daily 3rd prize, or a rating of 4.26!
pepole think this review is worthles.
go ahead! say it! i dont care! im just trying to make a point here!
blam this piece of crap!!!!

P.S the only reson im giving this a 1 is beacuase the voices where pretty good. but thats it!"



Rated 5 / 5 stars


What really made it for me is that he misspelled "because" I mean I'm almost positive you learn that in like First Grade lol. Anyway hopefully this video will inspire generations of 13 year olds to learn how to spell before posting a review on Newgrounds beacuase (derp) otherwise you sound really retarded

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Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Cant say it's the best but I have to give you props for making my sister laugh (first time she's shown exprestion in 2 years). For that, I have to give you at least a 9.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i reley dont wan to say this, but i have to now.

This flash was just outstanding. The voice is just that amount of perfectness in it! I love every little bit of this flash (mostly the voice) haha it's so spectacular! I have watched it at least 10 times, and I can bet I will watch it later on in the future just to brighten up my day ^_^. My favorite part is the "beacuase" when you say it. I love how you pronounce how axman13 spelled it. This is just amazing.

P.S the only reson im giving this a 10 is beacuase the voices where pretty good. but thats it!"


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Funny!

Very Well done! I never saw a typography animation that's as funny as this.
would also like to see a series of these kinds of videos from you! I tip my hat to you sir.

I entered the text of axeman13 to this website that takes the text and translates the text using different languages and comes back in English. Basically its like a national "telephone" game.

Here's what came out of it =P maybe use this for the sequel?

"I do not want to repeat the blow, but I have. The game is the fact that esey. I mean, you have to do is press the spacebar. Everything! Risk? Jet can not do anything on the screen, but he said, more! If you want to buy drugs? Apout customers? If they can improve stranth? There is no way you can miss the end! The game is garbage! Nar not a cure for everything! I want to see! It should also be role-playing game, where you can look at and stuff? You entier sauce! He explained that to me! All comments Athor totol! Must be a person? I do not know how to get this game today, 3 Price curse, or 4.26 level! Pepoli worthles this review.Come on! Yes ah! I do not care! I just wanted to make a point here! This strange dog droppings! Note: annex to that decision only to give them the right to remain silent, beacuase. But it is!"