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rated 4.39 / 5 stars
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Dec 18, 2010 | 5:53 AM EST

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Close Encounter 5 Points Kill an enemy right before it reaches you
Jolly Killing 5 Points Kill 100 enemies
Man Handler 5 Points Kill an enemy with your fist
Combo Madness 10 Points Do a 6 kill combo
Present Frenzy 10 Points Quickly open 5 gifts consecutively
Strike! 10 Points Kill 4 enemies with 1 bowling ball
Survivalist 10 Points Defeat 6 waves in a row without dying
Too Hot For TV 10 Points Electrocute at least 3 enemies at once with a TV
Deathmas 25 Points Experience death from all enemy types
Efficiency 25 Points Survive 5 minutes in Time Mode
Immortal 25 Points Defeat 12 waves in a row without dying
Kingpin 25 Points Score 1500 points in Bowling Mode
Naughty Or Nice 25 Points Kill 1 of each enemy type
Spoiled Rotten 25 Points Upgrade everything at least once
Spread The Joy 25 Points Use all weapons
Dark Time 50 Points Survive 10 minutes in Time Mode
Darkest Night 50 Points Reach half the Wave Mode
Evil Dawn 50 Points Beat the Wave Mode
Hell Time 100 Points Survive 15 minutes in Time Mode
Well Prepared 100 Points Fully upgrade all weapons and traps

Author Comments

UPDATEv1.1: Boosted the water gun stats

Hey guys! SickDeathFiend and I decided to make a christmas game, I think it turned out pretty cool! Some kind of halloween-christmas crossover...haha but you'll be the judge of that won't you? We hope you like it! It's got great music by Josh Hunsaker and Antfish landed us his voice! So unwrap your christmas gifts but beware, you may not find what you're looking may find...evilll.....mouahah ...MOUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! :D

Controls are with the mouse, shift to grab stuff through enemies and space to discard the current weapon or trap.

As usual, toggle quality (Q) or use the Dim Light option to play with better performance.




Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing game!

The complexity of the game is not too hard and too easy either. You just need to have quick reactions and a bit of luck when opening the presents. I find the shotgun the most useful because of it's burst range which can hit multiple enemies. Though on earlier levels I just use the boomerang (if I find one) then just ricochet them through the vast amount of the enemies. The 'Kingpin' medal is quite hard to get since you need to do at least 3 or more combo for each round in the 'Bowling Mode' to reach 1500+ points.

Overall the game is fun and original. Good work. 9/10

Evil-Dog responds:

thank for your review :D


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


But nothing special. On later levels it's getting really difficult but not in challenging way, rather annoying. Some weapons are pretty useless, especially watergun. And there is one annoying glitch with mouse control - when you kill monster you need release mouse button and than hit it again to destroy box. Or maybe it's on purpose? Anyway, nice game with great graphics and music.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah watergun is getting a boost :)
yueah you don't open box with weapons
but just clicking them


Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg omg omg omg omg

OMG ! %u0130ts so goddamn mystical mysterious ambiance game !!
i like games like thi !!

Evil-Dog responds:



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

likes and dislike

after playing this game for quite some time and beating it here is what is Awsome about this game and what should be fixed or at least looked at

- The game itself is great fun to play
- The weapons are imaginative and quite fun to use
- Enemies's were very creative and awome to battle against
- The amount of levels put into the game
- The unlockables
- The Traps
- The death scenes
- The shotgun was great
- The Tv trap was the best trap really helped me in sticky situations
- Being able to continue with all weapons and on the same level that was the best part

- Although i loved the weapons a couple were completly useless or could have had better potential
- The water gun is a fun weapon and i get that its a child toy but to slow on realod and not very efficient
- The fathers hammer took too much time to kill any enemy no matter which enemy it was used on it could have been a little more powerful
-the boxing gloves are a nice touch but they should have been an upgrade for the fist
-the bowling ball was close to if not completly useless i got 4 enemies with it at one time and from then on it would not hit any more it would just lag through them
-As i progressed through the levels loads of enemies would appear causing the game to have horrible lag which made it alot harder to play maybe the enemies could come in sperate waves on the same level
- more enemies than gifts would show up for example i would get a weapons use it on a couple of enemies then all i would have is my fist when only strong enemis apperaed and no weapons from gifts did

well thats all i have to say about that all in all great game i would def play a sequel and you did it very well oh and Btw just a suggestion no need to listen to me on this one but... maybe instead of creepy music have it play christmas music i think it would be funny to blast those things away to like jingle bells or something lol

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Evil-Dog responds:

did you try to reduce the quality for better performance? hit the Q button


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I FINALLY BEAT THIS DAMN GAME!!!! MONSTER, monster, monster, squirt gun OMFG WTF!!!!!!

Why even keep Timmy's toys in the later stages. Nearly half of those weapons were useless. Actually, 5 were only good. The chainsaw, shotgun, BB gun, Mallet, and nail gun. The metal bat and boomerang were at times useful but I usually had something better.

1. I sometimes went off screen trying to kill them on the bottom, probably not an issue.

2. Timmy's toys = good till you can get better ones, like when you can upgrade mom's.

3. Fist = useless except in beginning. Except when you keep them at bay as a car kills you before you can go to that one present that you can tell has something.

4. No music while in game.


6. Didn't bother playing time attack. I'm not going through that horror again.

7. Bowl was fun.


9. Not sure if the whole monster, monster, squirt gun should be taken out. It's annoying, but is like that kid that didn't get what they wanted for Christmas.

10. Why does the mother want a Golf club, Boomerang, and a Metal Bat for anyways? That is one hardcore parent.

11. How about the things get powers when they are upgraded. The squirt gun slows them down... you know what, why not make a TD game as well? Some people don't like those though, whatever, just a suggestion.

12. Love the monsters own animations of the kill, and their designs.

13. Why is the bowling ball not a temporary upgrade, like the T.V. or chocolate?

14. Why not store an extra weapon? Or the chainsaw is like star power.


By the way, your game has to be one of the most annoying and addicting games I've ever played. Kudos.

Cryogen <(^w^<)

p.s. spelled that wrong on purpose.

Evil-Dog responds:

1) the game could have used a margin at the bottom to prevent that
2) that's the idea, getting screwed by weaker weapons later and having to deal with it. mom weapons have more chance to spawn and dad weapons even more so it's balanced to screw with you but not entirely
3) Gotta get weapons
4) It has music, did you turn it off?
5) I don't think so
6) Alright
7) woot!
8) who? your imaginary friends? it's a game...not a story haha
9) I might boost the squirt gun so you're too dissapointed when you do get it, would you prefer
10) cause they're sport people?
11) yuo realize the game is done right? you played it, it's not suddenly become another kind of game haha
12) yay!
13) it's a weapon not a trap
14) weapon backup could have been nice
15) yeah, picking up by mistake...annoying...could have been thought out better

thanks for the crazy review haha