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Dec 10, 2010 | 8:26 PM EST

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This is just a demonstration.



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only 1 channel! and it goes to a site!


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man this isnt a games!!!!!


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A link to a website.

Where is the emulation part?

Shitassm responds:

i know it sounds confusing. i didnt mean an emulator as in emulators for game systems. i meant as it emulates the Wii menu. this is basically an example of what i am still making. soon, it will have more channels with things to do on it. im sill learning how to do certain things with flash so i can continue this project. such as make an actual working digital clock, games, and basic animation using tweens and such. trying to animate characters frame by frame is too tidious and i know i didnt spell that right. sorry. but if anyone could give me some pointers on any of that i would gladly appreciate it.


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Wasn't Anything

It's a cool emulator but it isn't anything but a link to your website. Don't release demos. Finish the real thing and get on with your life. I was wondering, is the clock referencing "420" in respect to the marijuana legalization bill? I did like that if it was.

Shitassm responds:

well if you are against pot then you are a stupid fuck who believes in everything the government tells him. so fuck you.


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so you tell someone that they have no right to tell you what to post. actually... they do. thanks to these nifty voting system, that is exactly what they are doing. you post something, then we tell you if it is good or not. (in this case not). Suprisingly this post in particalur has managed to pump blood through itself to last this long. However i doubt it will last forever. its a waste of time to debate every comment with immature garble as it only further hurts your reputation as a worthless bag of flesh, with little to no talent. im sorry, but this review took by far more effort and thought than your animation, replied comments, or entire living structure...(just a guess on that last one) so have a good day.

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Shitassm responds:

how long did it take for you to come up with that?