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Dec 2, 2010 | 10:51 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place December 3, 2010

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Arrow keys to control.
Space Bar to interact.

One Chance is a game about choices and dealing with them.

Scientist John Pilgrim and his team have accidently created a pathogen that is killing all living cells on Earth.

In the last 6 remaining in-game days on Earth, the player must make choices about how to spend his last moments. Will he spend time with his family, work on a cure or go nuts?



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I don't know if this is part of the game but i went to retry to see other outcomes but when I restart the game he is still sitting in the lab...


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great game.

My first play ended with John dying in his lab while his daughter perished in the hallway of the building. His wife died in the tub.

After that? I felt like I just had to try for the better ending -- because that's why I play games. Unfortunately, you decided (as an artist) to limit the number of plays to a single run through.

Luckily one of our fellow Newgrounders listed instructions on how to bypass this and I utilized this method (Hint: There's nothing a right click wont cure).

I played through many different scenarios:

- Spending all the time with the family only to get assaulted by an angry Jim who's wielding a knife. After disarming the attacker, John lets Jim escape...allowing Jim to go to John's house, slaughter his family and then hang himself in the bedroom. (This made me pretty sad).

- Played the roll of the "I'm the man" Scientist. Didn't bother to work, partied with the Co-Workers and, when the opportunity presented itself, initiated intercourse with the female co-worker. After a "steamy" scene in the back of John's car, I felt even worse when John got home to witness his wife dead in the tub.

There are many ways to follow through with this storyline.

I get the point behind you limiting us to one play through but you have effectively damaged the overall experience of the game.

I got a lot more from the game after playing through the multiple endings.

We all have one chance to do what it is needed and our actions have far reaching consequences. Consequences we don't necessarily realize on the outset.

I feel you have brought half of the game to the table so I will give you half of a perfect score.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


The reason people dont find out this game is boring is because most of them cant reply it if they could see that all the choices lead practically to the same ending they would see that they had no ''chance'' like the game says.

This is really an emo game with fatalists ideas that dont really have a point, the only point the author gives is that you will have a bad ending and there is nothing you can do.

Lets analyze the endings to get my point across:
1- If you chose the hero mode, the guy who will work everyday hard and will leave his own family to try to find a cure for the whole world: AT THE END your wife kills herself, your daughter dies by the virus and you are the only survivor wich is no good ending... is emo ending.
2- If you chose the emotional way, the guy who will be with his family and not care about work or the whole world he just wants to be with his family everyday AT THE END your family ends up being killed by a random guy... is emo ending again.
3-If you choose the playa way, the guy that doesnt care about family or work he just wants to go and have fun with the pretty lady from work AT THE END your family ends up leaving you... that was obvious but still emo ending.
4- Finally the mixed way well this is the one i got the first time i tried, AT THE END i died with my daughter at the park... yes emo ending like all the others.

In all possible endings your family dies, everyone dies and it doesnt matter what you do is the fatalist ending each time wich is not good because ironically the game is called one chance and there is none.

The graphics are not good, i like some art games because they have a point, there is always alternative endings, but this game has no alternative anything the author just put his point across regardless of the player ideas. This could be a nice short story for an assignment in school, this could be a nice reflective story to put on internet but this can NOT be called a good game.

Plus the story is not that good and its too obvious and pathetic, since the first time i played i thought this game was so bad that all endings would be the same emo ending and i replayed it many times just to prove my point and i was right!! If you want to make a good art game make sure it has several truly alternative endings and not forced emo endings.

And yes it was so boring to play it many times just to find the alternative endings.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

great game

whats the song playing in the background when you die, wife and daughter die and wife dies.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

staring over?

i really enjoyed the game, and i want to give it a ten, but i cant ever play this game again, because it just shows up at the last frame i played at the end. Game - amazing. no replay? - shit.