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Megaman X RPG: Arena Demo

rated 4.11 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Nov 30, 2010 | 1:15 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place December 1, 2010

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Author Comments

30 NOV 2010: Fixed the auto-rez, losing screen freeze, and Forge glitch. (If this doesn't show up on the patch notes, clear your internet cache and reload the new version).

29 NOV 2010: It's been over a year since I published Chapter 1, and this, unfortunately, is not the latest installment. This is just a demo for all the changes that were made and a way for me to test them out before completing Chapter 2. And there were A LOT of substantial changes. So while I hate releasing "unfinished" work (in the sense that there's no story - it's just the Arena mode), you will be doing me a huge favor by giving me your feedback. So let's go over what's available here:

- Completely overhauled game engine. Everything you loved about Chapter 1 - but better!
- Brand new Arena mode! Test your fighting ability to win prizes!
- Unlockables!
- New shops, including the Forge, that lets you craft new and unique weapons!
- 75 Upgrades and over 20 Battlechips that let you customize your characters to your liking.
- Excellent music by some of the best artists Newgrounds Audio has to offer!
- In-game tutorials!
- Free pony for every person who LOVES this game (free pony may or may not be a complete and fictitious lie).
- And much, much more!

*Note* - The save feature does work, but (since it's a demo), they won't transfer to Chapter 2.

Lastly, there are probably more than a few bugs that need to be sifted out. I've been working solo on this project for almost three years now so it's impossible for me to find them all. Just send me a quick PM if you find one and I'll try and have it fixed soon. Thanks again!




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Here's a list of the glitches I remember.

Bloodlust continues to give HP and SP even after the enemy is dead (e.g. if you hit an enemy three times and kill them on the first hit, bloodlust activates 3 times) This makes Limit Breaks, especially Axl's, incredibly OP once you get Bloodlust. Furthermore, after a bloodlust, skills that can kill groups of enemies become basically free and can actually give as much as 30% of hp and sp recovery while doing damage.

Some scrap is unattainable at later stages, such as the "Transmitor". This left me with one character who couldn't get his last battlechip due to not having enough scrap.

Some upgrades don't seem to work, such as the upgrade that decreases the shop costs.

Sometimes, when I win a battle, the battle continues behind the victory screen. If it's my turn and I try to select a move, the game freezes. The solution is to press the backspace then space to advance past the victory screen.

Stealing doesn't actually steal anything, even if successful.

Loaded is VASTLY overpowered: after getting the upgrade to make it charge fully after only one use, I was capable of hitting OVER 77,000 DAMAGE on the green final boss with basic ranged attacks with Axl, and that wasn't even a critical.

It's possible to somehow get N/A Upgrade points from one of the upgrades on Tier 5, which makes the game really easy.

As other people have said, some abilities and items freeze the game.

One of the (green?) walker's attacks has no visual or aural representation, it just does damange.

Some of the Iceman chip's ether attacks happen on the top-right of the screen, rather than on the enemy.

There is an achievement page but no achievements, the ability to cast spells out of battle but no reason to do so, etc.

The shop upgrades don't appear to do anything.

When you kill more than one enemy at the end of a battle, only one of them dies. The rest just stand there and the battle ends (I'd rather they all died at the same time, because it takes less time).

Once you lose the "Money" and "Scrap" options (after Round 2, I believe), getting money becomes really hard, unless you sell gems over and over again (even then, it isn't anywhere near as much money).

There are a number of typos (Poisen, Transmitor, etc.).

After selecting "Start" from the Arena menu, I can't press backspace to go back to the previous menu. If I accidentally select that I want to start a battle, I can't cancel that selection.

The third support unit is OP. It can oneshot three of the 5 final bosses if it gets a crit on the blue guy (after it gets the upgrade that doubles its damage).

Momentum along with regenerate (which I get as a buff at the beginning of the battle) is OP because it has a 20% chance to give haste to all of my characters every turn. Also, for some reason, regenerate recovers Axl's hp by around 1000 every turn (around 30% of max health), whereas it only heals the others for around 200-400 (5-15%-ish).

Autorez doesn't seem to work for me. That, or "Smart Revive" doesn't grant autorez.

There's more, but I'm out of characters.

In other news, I'd like to have some more battle chips. The ones that are there are well-balanced, but I don't feel like I can make a pure-Ether or pure-Charge character because the chips available just can't do what I want them to. I'd also like to see another Limit Break for each character, because there's a window for it already and I'd like some more customization. I'd also like to be able to "dismiss" Limit Breaks without losing a turn so that I can heal and stuff. Most of my losses were due to not being able to get rid of my limit breaks fast enough.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great release.

This game has a series of bugs, and has been rather annoying at some times.
Be careful when using limit breaks against something thats countering, in the time trial you may hit the wall on the way down to the next level, and be forced to slide down for about 20 seconds, same goes with arena wall. If you leave the arena to go time trial, do not open your menu and close it, the arena background will cloud your screen, till you reenter the arena, or restart. Opening and closing your menu will give you a brief glimpse of where you are before it covers it again. Some time trial objects aren't 100% grabbable 100% of the time. So far i've only been able to use support units when I have dynamo or X as the leader. If you do the same tier multiple times, you can get some rewards you probably don't deserve. Steal does work. Time trial is very easy way to get items fast. Music your playing might stop while playing, it happens to me when i use a music website. Just pause and start your music. This will happen everytime you change a major screen, battle to battle, and boss warning. Doesn't affect your music when you go through time trial. Also, i wouldn't unequip your chip interfaces if you start a game, they require level 5. So you probably wont be able to requip them.

Sadly i don't think characters like dynamo, will be playable, that is sadness... *cough cough* Just putting that out there.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nasty Bug:

On Tier 4, the first or second round there is a riot control he did this one move and targeted my X, He shot the bullet, the music stopped but the status icons still popped up, it was extremely annoying because hes done this for 5 times now.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic game! Also bug report

I cannot stress enough how amazing your progress and overall ability is! I have been a big fan since Chapter 0 and have enjoyed every installment. keep up the good work!

On a less happy note, it seems that when I try to use the frag grenade, the game seems to "freeze": I use quotes because the music still plays in the background, and when I hover my mouse over a status icon, it still pops up. The readying up animations for the sprites still work, it just seems to not know what to do next.

Anyway, thanks for releasing this, and I hope that you have a happy New Year!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's a demo?

This is a great game. Even though thier are a few glitches, the game is great, especcially for a demo. The battle interface is better now, mainly because it is easier, in my opinion, to read the health bars. Also, the new animations and music are sweet. I can't wait to see the full version.

Thanks for the demo. I almost thought you had died or something. XD

(I think that this game would actually be able to stand as a full version game if the tournament had more tiers.)