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Nov 7, 2010 | 3:08 PM EST

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Casual Fun 5 Points Last one minute or more in a Medium difficulty game.
Aiming High 10 Points Get above 1000m height.
Bunny Hopper 10 Points Bunny hop through 15 platforms on Hard or harder, without ever gaining momentum.
C-C-C-Combo Breaker! 10 Points Defeat an enemy while under the effect of the Big Star.
Casual Veteran 10 Points Last one minute or more in a Ultra difficulty game.
Monster Kill 10 Points Vanquish a monster.
Rewarded! 10 Points Unlocked a reward.
C-C-C-Combo! 25 Points Without losing momentum, hit 12 platforms in a row in Hard mode or harder.
Seasoned 25 Points Last five minutes or more in a Hard difficulty game or harder.
Survivor 25 Points Last three minutes or more in a Medium difficulty game or harder.
Endurance 50 Points Last ten minutes or more in a Medium difficulty game or harder.
Hardcore 50 Points Vanquish three monsters and make 50,000+ points in a single Hard mode game.
Monster Hunt 50 Points Vanquish every monster in the game.
Master's Insignia 100 Points Vanquish three monsters and make 35,000+ points in a single Ultra mode game.

Author Comments

Incoming Next Version:
New level: Volcano Chilli complete with a new, awesome music and artwork!
New Items: Metal Hat, JetPack, Dummie Cloud, Icecream Cannon, and more!
New Modes: Time-Attack, Height-Attack, and Special Challenges!
Special Challenges: Each level will feature 5 unique challenges, for a total of 20 unique stages!
New unlockables: New Hats, New Cutie faces, 20 new Achievements, 10 new colors!

****** Changes in Version 1.2.1 *******
> Reduced amount of points needed to get achievements Hardcore and Master's Insignia.
> Fixed bug where buttons didn't work in IE or Safari.
> Fixed bug where Medals sometimes didn't save to your account.
> Fixed bug a where the achievement C-C-C-Combo Breaker! wouldn't unlock.

****** About *******
I did this game with my friend from OverClocked Remix, LuIzA. It started as a simple proof of concept of a cute hop and bop game and then I asked myself: Hey, why not finish and release this in Flash?

I wanted to make something that I would play. I've been way too much into casual games lately, and I always liked that genre of vertical hop game on the iOS, but I wanted something faster, something that required more precision. So I made Starlight Dreams. Since in the last game I worked people complained about the difficulty, I added some different difficulty modes.

Regardless, this is my first "independent" game. The character is based on the emoticon :3 but I think this is a given. He's cute so I call him cutie. The entire game is just a dream of his. He doesn't even get to wake up when he falls, although that would be funny to see.

Controls are pretty simple - Click to jump, and use the mouse to control the cutie after you do that.

Here's a rundown of the game features as of right now:

1) 3 Stages. Moonlit Breeze is the default, Mushroom Firefly is easier but has more enemies, and Icecream Top is considerably harder.

2) Some unlockable stuff:
There are 7 colors for you to choose for your cutie.
There's a "Ultra Mode" that you can unlock after playing on Hard for a long time.
There's also a Purple Hat that you can unlock to customize your cutie.

3) 4 items you can find in-game. These are:
Small Star - Bursts you up.
Big Star - Same as Small Star but lasts longer and makes you invincible.
Hotdog - Makes you hop higher every time you hit a platform.
Blue Sphere with Clouds - Enlarges everything, even the enemies.

I guess that's it. Hope you have fun. Every single piece of constructive feedback is appreciated. Is there anything you didn't like? Is the game too easy or too hard? Post here or PM me!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars December 29, 2010

aawww! how cute!

its a cute creature, can it jump above the earth atmosphere and higher? its a good game but its like the other "reach high in the sky"-games with highscores. the customize part is neat, the music is not so good, i would like it with a level customizer and/or more levels.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars December 20, 2010


My NEW favourite game! Hands down - gotta write a quick note about how AWESOME it is, then I'm back to playing!!! :D :D
Brilliant game, so interesting, yet so relaxing!! I'm having the time of my life bouncing on mushrooms! <3

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Rated 4 / 5 stars December 10, 2010


however, it's not very original, in my opinion. there's a game with the exact same type of gameplay made ages before this: /517807

just saying...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars December 5, 2010

Woot! My 60th review!

I found this game strangely addicting. Cuteness aside, I thought this was originally just going to be a game I would play only for the medals and then never return to, but that was before I realized there is a somewhat awkward appeal to it. Though I wouldn't really want to be seen playing a game with such bubbly charm as this in front of all my friends who think they're all fo' gangsta and what-not tough-guy crap, I found myself clicking the Play button round after round after round even if I was having terribly bad luck trying to get some achievements. This is probably not only because of the fact I am extremely good at setting a high score for a difficulty like Ultra (check the tables for nearly any level and see), but also because of the game's addictiveness. The charm makes me feel like I'm not going to get criticized every time I hit the first platform and then embarrassingly miss the next like a few games, so I want to play more and more than a lot of other games of this same type. Then there is also the fact the author isn't a complete jerk who decides to dump a load of a filth-covered game on a user and then moves on to the next junk-heap, but instead takes the time to create a high-quality experience for anyone who enjoys a lighter take on the average violence and blood-soaked games of this generation, and who also adds to it with continuous updates, such as the new one upcoming that is hopefully going to be released soon.
There are, unfortunately, a small amount of problems. First, I think the hit-detection could be tightened up a bit, especially on Ice cream Top where the pieces you are supposed to land on are so small I found it hard to react in time to figure out if I was close enough or not to hit the things. Also, I found Ultra to be a little luck based. I noticed that some platforms are placed so that you are required to use the bunny-hop technique to reach them, but if you accidentally jump off a platform with a multitude of others a short distance above it, you go slowly springing through them all, only to have lost the momentum needed to reach the one that is seemingly out of reach, causing your Cutie to go plummeting to its...soft landing. That's about it from a nearly-perfect platformer. Hopefully more updates can improve upon this ingenious idea.

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fpiresgd responds:

Hello there.

Thank you for your review, it was a very nice read. Also, good job on your high-scores!

I don't have anything against violent games, but just as you, I don't see the need for gratuitous violence everywhere.

When I originally exhibited the game to some people, I noticed a lot of people who weren't gamers actually had trouble moving the cutie. Scores were anywhere between 500 and 6000 on Easy. So I tried to tune down the difficulty as much as I could on Medium and Easy.

Anyway, with all the fine-tune, the two first levels turned out to be easier than I wanted to. but that's a necessity. When I make games, I want to make something I would play, and part of the appeal for playing Starlight Dreams to me was to have room to improve.

I didn't normalize the levels because I think they should give you a different experience. I wanted Icecream Top to be brutal, because once you master the first two levels, it's very hard to make a mistake, even on Hard or Ultra. Icecream Top on the other hand requires enormous precision and is very tight. It also needs great reaction time because you need to be ready to skip right to the next platform without bunny-hopping. Icecream Top on Ultra is a bit hard even for me, but I'm sure there's someone, somewhere, who can play it good.

I'll let you know when it's updated!


Rated 4 / 5 stars November 28, 2010


Maybe a pause button? For those that need to pause to work on something.

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fpiresgd responds:

Might consider a pause button, but can't promise anything, since it's a game of reflex and allowing a pause button could mess that up a bit.