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Light Fright

rated 3.65 / 5 stars
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Skill - Avoid

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Oct 26, 2010 | 5:21 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hello, Newgrounders.

As a test, I wanted to program a simple yet fun game in ActionScript 3. I hope you'll agree my attempts were successful.

The game is simple - the Boo can be either just looking ahead, or closing his eyes. Clicking him switches between those. While he is looking ahead, you earn points but the light will instantly end your game. While he is hiding, you don't earn points but the light won't harm you.

For your enjoyment, I attempted to include some Newgrounds Medals. After quite some time, they still haven't been approved, so maybe my game's just too simple to deserve them. Ah well...

So yeah, this is also my way of celebrating Halloween. I drew everything besides the obvious Newgrounds elements, and even composed the background music. If you wanna steal it and put it on your site, that's fine, but a note would be polite.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice, simple and very addictive. What more can be asked of a flash game.

If I was too be picky I would say that the graphics could have done with more work for example a slight gradient fade on the light would have been nice though the character had great style to it and i like that the amount of movement you gave it.

Not much to comment on. It's a really good waste of time.

Mariofan9 responds:

Thanks a lot. It's a really old game at this point, but I'm tickled people are still playing it today.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cute & Simple

This was a cute little simple game you made for Halloween,it wasn't much but the basic avoid the moving target from hitting you by clicking on your character but i really liked the idea of controlling a cute little Boo ghost to avoid light cause of course Boo ghosts don't like the light :p,the game itself wasn't that difficult and usually concentration & relaxes are my specialty,overall i had fun with this game and think you made a nice contribution for Halloween 2010. :)

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Mariofan9 responds:

Thank you very much. Next Halloween, I might cook up something new with all the critique I received.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Fun for a short game n sum medals

N @Stickman91
Holy crap, long ass review for such a simple game man

Mariofan9 responds:

Long reviews have a tendency to be useful. But thanks for your review, as well.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


once you know what your doing it EPIC ended up with 2439 points ^_^

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Mariofan9 responds:

Thank you. :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great idea; poor execution.

I dig the cute art style and the relaxing background music; however, those things will only get you so far. The game concept has loads of unused potential, and the game itself has some issues that really detract from its playability.

Boo's eyes only open/close when the mouse button is released. As far as Flash games go, an instruction telling someone to "click" generally means to "press the mouse button down," as opposed to "press the mouse button down and then release it." Your game forces players to deal with the unavoidable delay between the time the mouse button is pressed and the time it's released. Especially in a game that calls for fast reaction times, that can be the difference between a great score and a mediocre one. Of course, one can circumvent this issue by holding the mouse button down and releasing it when the time comes; but to me, that's an awkward-feeling workaround, and it shouldn't be necessary in order for players to achieve an instant response from the game.

Even if the cursor remains over Boo at all times, his eyes will not open/close if the mouse button is pressed or released while the light is also under the cursor. However, it's possible to safely open/close his eyes while the light's right edge is overlapping with his left edge, and vice versa. Someone with a risky playing style who chooses to click near Boo's edges will likely become frustrated when his clicks don't register because the light moved under his cursor.

The game is less a matter of reflexes and more a matter of waiting. It's very easy to open/close Boo's eyes while taking little to no risk, because the speed and positions of the light appear to be based primarily on a player's score. Patient players will find scores in the thousands very easy to achieve. If you had instead chosen to base the light's properties on the amount of time for which a game has been running, players would be more pressured to take risks, as they would have a limited amount of time to score as high as they can before the light becomes too quick for them.

And that leads me to yet another issue: As one scores higher and higher, it becomes increasingly apparent that the light spends less time hiding on the right side of the screen and more time hiding on the left side. And it seems that once the score is within or near the range of 3000 to 4000 points, the light no longer moves over Boo at all. In one instance, I saw it move towards Boo from the left, only to move back to the left before it hit him. It never appeared on the screen after that. It's impossible to lose the game once that point is passed; and the only way to start over is to close and reopen the Flash window.

I also want to mention that the game starts very abruptly, and doesn't give one much time to react to the incoming light bar. That could be a bit annoying for first-time players.

For your future game projects, I strongly recommend thoroughly playtesting them and ironing out any issues you find so your audience won't have to deal with them. As it currently is, this game could do with a lot of polishing. But I bet all that polishing, along with including more gameplay variety, would turn this into something very fun and challenging.

I understand that your intention with this game was to create a simple gameplay concept, and on that front, you were successful. But it would interesting to see what you could come up with for a more complex version. Dealing with the same vertical bar of light that only moves in two directions gets a bit stale after a while. Think about what it would be like to have multiple light bars in the play area. What if some bars moved in directions other than left and right? What if the bars moved at different speeds, or simply turned on and off? What if the bars had different widths and heights? What if the light came in shapes other than bars? What if Boo could move too? There are tons of possibilities.

I'm sure that if you continue refining your skills, you'll eventually be capable of creating some great stuff. I hope this review helps you get there. Good luck!

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Mariofan9 responds:

Thank you very much for your time in writing your review. It's highly appreciated.

Next time I develop a game, I will make sure to improve upon the points you mentioned.
As for the first issue you mentioned, I had so far received no complaints about that. Could you recommend a better listener than the MouseEvent CLICK ?

I will attempt to take note of all you've said, and do better next time. Thank you.