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Oct 25, 2010 | 2:27 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 26, 2010
  • Weekly 4th Place October 27, 2010

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Progression 5 Points Unlock your first door or elevator
Redemption 5 Points Slay the Savior
Renovation 5 Points Turn a wall into a door
Consternation 10 Points Kill the Clown
Completion 25 Points Finish the game
Exploration 50 Points Finish the game with 100% map explored
Ammunition Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Information Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Medication Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Collection Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

= = = NEWS = = =
- Version 1.5.8 approved by NG admin on 11/02/10!
- Medals approved by NG on 11/09/10! Hurrah!
- If I haven't replied to your PM's, it's simply because I'm busy at work on the sequel to this game. Hopefully I can put in as many features that you guys suggested. Happy gaming everyone!
- Someone pointed out that there are fan-made walkthrough vids for this game on Youtube. If you really need help and the guide isn't helping, search "Madness Retaliation" in

= = = IF YOU'RE STUCK = = =
... CHECK THE GUIDE AT http://revolverroach.newg 85
(remove the spaces. sorry, HTML links aren't allowed in NG descriptions)

= = = BIG THANKS = = = all the Newgrounds players, voters, and reviewers who helped this game get daily 5th, weekly 4th, and front page! It's hard to keep up with the reviews but I do read through all of them. Thank you for the praise, suggestions, and also the many criticisms that help me make improvements to the game.

= = = LATEST UPDATE 1.5.8 = = =
- Fixes to Medal system. (Medals still pending NG approval)
- Fixed some spelling errors and inconsistencies in equip description
- Increased efficiency of JHP ammo stun to 75%.

= = = PREVIOUS UPDATE 1.5.7 = = =
- Some save system bugfixes. Again, saves are local to your PC, NOT your NG account.
- Added new ability for the Savior Halo that will help exploration.
- Medals created (Pending NG approval)

You command a team of 4 specialists infiltrating an AAHW cloning facility. You must retrieve vials of DNA that the Auditor is using to create stronger agents. You must shoot and stab your way through masses of ever improving enemies. Collect weapons, armor, and items to help you reach the Auditor's tower and complete your mission.

= = = GAME PLAY TIPS = = =
- This is a turn-based strategy game that uses AP (Action Point) mechanics. Fans of Fallout 1 and 2 will be familiar with the game-play.
- In each battle, try to defeat all enemies as quickly as possible. Each of your characters has a limited amount of AP that are used to move and attack.
- Moving horizontally, forward or backward, takes 1 AP per tile. Moving vertically needs no AP.
- If you have no more AP, press the End Turn button. You'll to regain some AP but your enemies will have a chance to attack you.
- There is no "Level-up" System. Your HP, damage, AP, and other stats are determined by the armor and weapons.
- Some equipment have special abilities which are displayed in their description. Figuring out how best to use them, is entirely on you.
- You cannot change your character's classes. Learn to optimize their use.
- Armor is subtle and relies partly on luck, but it can be invaluable in many situations.
- Certain enemies drop items which will help out in difficult battles.
- You don't NEED to explore the entire facility... but it does help quite a bit.
- If you lose a man, the Higher Powers will resurrect him after you finish the battle. Assuming, of course, that you win.
- Save often. Srsly.

= = = ABOUT THIS GAME (it's quite lengthy) = = =
The inspiration for this game was the "kill-team" dynamic between Deimos and Sanford, as opposed to the "one-man army" feel of Hank. I want players to feel like they're constantly upgrading and improving their team. I've also tried to replicate the weapons and armor used in the Madness series as Krinkels portrayed them, then added a twist of my own art-style. I had planned this for Madness Day 2010, but it my estimated 2 week production time became 2 months. Still, I'm quite happy with the result and hope you enjoy it!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
MUSIC CREDITS: http://revolverroach.newg 60
HINT SHEET: http://revolverroach.newg 3



Rated 5 / 5 stars November 5, 2010


Dude I was always wondering why nobody made a decent game with these kind of characters, cause it's absolutely awesome. I've spent like 6-7-8 hours (lost the time) to beat it and I loved every second. Although I haven't found all of the helmets and armors.. (I've looked everywere, I think :p) . Great job!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars November 5, 2010


one thing when you use a smoke the game glicthes sometimes and end up makeing the enemys invincable and the zombie move bloodlost its total over kill but other then that good game ^^b


Rated 3 / 5 stars November 5, 2010

just 1 thing

perfect, except THE CLOWN it is pissin me off im gunna hav 2 buy a new computr evry time i play this game cuz i will break them ALL i will:

I'm gonna rip clowns small intestine out clowns mouth, and rip clowns large intestine out clowns butt, and use clown as a skipping rope.

I'm going to grill clowns piles, and serve them up as jumbo hot dogs to clowns
mum and dad.

I will smear clowns insides with tuna, hang a fishing hook down clowns throat, and hook out clowns organs one by one.

I'll rip out clowns tongue, cut clowns arm off with it, and beat clown to death with the arm.

I'm going to count to 5...If I get to three and clown is still here I will crush clowns skull. If I get to four... I'll rip out all of clowns limbs, slowly. And then I'll cautrerize the stumps. If I get to five...I'm going to throw clowns torso threw that wall down 20 stories and then...then I'll jump down myself to see if clown is alive. And if clown are...I'll finish the job. Slowly.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars November 5, 2010


i dont write reviews often, but damn for this one I need too, heres the thing. Im low on health, I dont have any meds so im looking for a locker right?Good thing the one i find contains 3 health bonus but when i pressed TAKE ALL they im not quite sure if the rest of the loot vanished as well but it points you out in a direction to fix the bug.

Apart from that the game is entertaining, i like how you scattered jokes all over the world and in the menus. The map thing really makes you want to scavenge everywhere and the battle system seems quite well balanced.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars November 5, 2010

I dare say better than Hydraulic.

On par with Accelerant. I enjoy the senseless violence of the series but this has really captured the feel of Madness. I really liked how you could basicly unlock Deimos and Sanford. You always get to play as Hank, great to play with all three. I will be eagerly awaiting the sequal to this game. You should also talk with Krinkles and see if he wants to work with you on these submissions.

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