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Madness: Red blood

rated 1.49 / 5 stars
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Oct 17, 2010 | 2:30 PM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT: somewhen in future there will be a ramake for it, it will be an extended vertion (with a scene in where they get him and put him in the jail

this is my first animation so dont be so mean in the reviews

Emilio A.K.A. "Gunslinger" is part of a rebel militia and he was sent to kill the boss of an cruel agency that is trying to conquer the world... and they are halfway there

1.-the agency boss took the "be one with your weapon" saying too seryiously

2.-the militia agents have a drug named "blood transporter" that let them to transport via blood contact

3.- Emilio can throw his blood througth his finger because he have a blood canon in it

4.-in the first number, I meaned that the agency boss send to cut off the agents hands and replace them with weapons

5.- there are actually 4 tipes of agents but there were only the lowest agent level because that was a low resistance sector... they were wrong

7.-the agents at the final knew Emilio were going cross there because A)when an agent die there is a chip in the agents heart that actives 3 seconds later he loss a critical amount of blood (when the first kill loss his weapon) and it's funtion is to advise all the near agents that there is a danger nerby b) they had an spy in the Militia's Subterrain HQ and he reported thet they were going to send someone to kill the boss and also that was the quickest road to their main HQ.


8.- capturing hiM and bringing him to their base was a bad Idea



Rated 0 / 5 stars

esta pelicula es muy mala,es horrible
me dejo sangrando los ojos despues de verla
los personajes ni tienen manos
las armas son todas las mismas
es medio lento
los personajes no tienen pies
sus trajes son casi los mismos
me sangran los ojos
la animacion no es lo tullo

mejor para la proxima

damn39 responds:

La ortografÃ-a tampoco es lo tuyo, eres una vergúenza para todos los hispanohablantes cultos en el mundo. ¿Qué chingados haces en el Internet si no conoces tu propio idioma? Si asÃ- de mal esta tu español tu ingles ha de ser horrible.
Si, la animación es mierda pero es la primera que hice, acabo de ver las tuyas, se nota que tu la hiciste con los sprites de algún scene creator de segunda. también vi que mejoraste desde la primera y te felicito.
Pero verga ¿si quiera viste de cuando es? Yo ya deje la animación hace mucho tiempo...
Te puedo decir que la segunda iba a ser mucho mejor que esto, pero lo deje por hueva, mÃf¡s que nada.
Ojala termines esa "Madness: Cuestionation 2" (se escribe Questionation) y le deseo lo mejor a tus futuras animaciones.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

That was horrifying...

damn39 responds:

I agree


Rated 2 / 5 stars


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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good first try. Can try again.

Listen pal, most people who give you zeros never made a flash game/animation in their entire life, and don't know how time taking it can be-don't let them discourage you.
Now, consider this:
The feets: The feets are time taking to animate ,but worth it. Give them a try.
The jumping was far too chunky. Try using tweens.
Also, believe me, working in different frames is totaly worth it.
Furthermore, I can tell you DID put some time in it, but I believe you could put more. It's not about working a week head on an animation. Animation here is a hobby. You ca neither work on an animation for 2-3 weeks with pauses, or one week head on. Take your time.

Now, to something more important: Your style. Many people copy Madness at first because it seems easy and achievable. Well, it somewhat is, but is a style which doesn't relate to everyone.

If you want more help, PM. I shall be happy to help.
Make your OWN animation, then see how difficult it can be. THEN, see it rated 0 and see how it feels.
Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Of course, most of you dicks will most likely try to delete this message because the truth hurts.

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damn39 responds:

thanks man i'll take all that in count


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

great first try

good animation for a first time flash, oen of the sceanes changed a bit slow, and the screen went white for a sec, but other than that all it needed was some sound and an ending.

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