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Oct 17, 2010 | 2:20 PM EDT

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Loading may take long D:

asdf is created by TomSka, he has given us permission to make this collab. Site:

The asdfcollab is based on the asdf webcomics by TomSka and the two asdfmovies (animated by GlassCake and Eddsworld).

Yay fun facts:

Total frames: 5623
Running time: 3 min 20 sec
Animations: 17
Comics: 20

The collab has got two sections: animations and comics. Be sure to ckeck them both! Also try to take a look at the extras ;)

Collab organiser: thies
Participators: (in random order)





Voice Actors: FatKidWitAJetPak, Rabid-Animals, SantyLoco and Electricstar (sorry Electricstar i can't get you in the credits page anymore..)

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Enjoy :)



Rated 0 / 5 stars


I was embarrassed to even watch this, to voice acting was god awful, everyone sounded like they had to keep it down because their parents were seeping. ALL the drawings and animation looked like EXTREME shit, uncolored version of Cyanide and Happiness. The "jokes" were not even close to real jokes. This is a collection of garbage. This is the kind of shit that is lowering the standard of Newgrounds, anyone who is proud or finds this flash appealing obviously has NO standard, for real art or jokes.

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thies responds:

Do you even know what asdf is?


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Got the style(kinda), missed the humor

This was a fair attempt by all, but overall lackluster and not funny. The watermelon was good style, but the quality of the voice acting held it back. The final one was very close in style, and the voice acting was pretty decent, and it was decently funny. The true winner was the 2nd to last, the toast animation. It came closest to Tomska's style and humor. All others either deviated wayy to far from the style, or were just plain not funny. None of the comics were good. Not even remotely comical. I kept mentioning style and voice acting because it the combination of Tomska's art style AND voice acting AND comedic writing that make his works so great. Without all 3, you don't really have much. We can see from this that you can all animate, but many of you need to work on your humor. Try again, you all have the potential to make something really funny, with a bit more work.

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thies responds:

Jesus whats with the bad scores suddenly
Anyway thanks for reviewing


Rated 2 / 5 stars


The animation wazn't that good, not to mention a lot of the jokez were relying on "random" laughz. The only animation i chuckled at waz the three rightz iz a left. The comicz were juzt failed verzionz of workz without punch linez. I'd zay work more on thinking out each individual one to make zure they are funny.

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thies responds:

Okay thanks


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Jesus H Christ.

Wow. Besides being unbearably funny and entertaining I have to give it to you. That was alot more amazing than I expected! I couldn't help but break out in a array of tearful laughing as I read some of the most funniest comics ive ever seen in my life. Especially the "Kanye West" one. Man, that was a hoot!

As for the Flash movie. ASDEFINITELY awesome! It makes you wonder if the bound and gag'd the original Tomska and Forced him to write this Comedic Brilliance. ITS JUST THAT GOOD! The animation was jaw droopingly excelent. Transition between badly put tweens and Gross bumpy Frame by frame seemed to fit perfectly like puting a greasy cheesburger next to dogshit. Good stuff. I hope theres another asdf comp similiar to this but I dont think any asdf collab not even the brilliance himself TOM FUCKIN SKA could animate and produce anything of this Magnitude I salute everyone apart of this thankyou for making me laugh uncontrollably!!

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thies responds:

Dont comment if youve got nothing interesting to say


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I wish I could actually finish

but my tolerance for half-done garbage can only last so long

I honestly can't stand any of this. The only solid thing about this is, literally, the line tool.

It demonstrates that none of you know how to make a coherent flash animation that isn't half-done stick figure Kris Wilson wannabe bullshit. A year? Wow, that's affably pathetic.

The jokes were so flat it was painful. Some Invader Zim Jhonen Vasquez LOLSORANDOM bullshit with half-assed teenage male voices who probably aren't even allowed to scream without getting in trouble with their parents.

I am somewhat livid that all of you fuckers had the audacity to try to pass off shape tools and motion tweens as good enough animation to show collaboration. The only one with any unnatural shapes was maybe Thundaboom16's use of mouths, and the movement was so bizarre and unfitting that I caught myself cringing at the fucked up syncing.

All of you learn to animate. Actually, learn to draw first. I've never met a good animator who couldn't draw.

2 stars because a year of dedication to such a shitty collab is worth at least SOMETHING.

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thies responds:

Dude, don't take this so serious. It didnt take A YEAR to make this. The overall time from the start to end of this collab was a (really) small year, with working on it on and off, and waiting for parts.

And what do teen voices have to do with this? So people can only voice act when the have a low adult man voice?

Yes, the characters look simple. But thats what freaking asdf is.

Calm down.