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Oct 15, 2010 | 12:42 PM EDT

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Challenge is an important aspect in any video game, but what about the people who are terrible at them? Here are six easy steps that anyone can take to become an instant pro.



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Thanks to you and this guide, I was able to beat FINAL FANTASY ZxVII³ on hardcore legendary obama mode! Following this guide is the best thing you can possibly do to complete a video game. The only other suggestion that I would add is that one should also drink POWERTHRIST while they game. That way, they could also have GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY!

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Quasar14 responds:

There were a few tips I had to leave out, such as how eating Cheetos while playing gives gamers faster reaction times, while leaving their controllers with a fresh, cheesy scent.


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My god!


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lol not bad, pretty funny

I wasn't a big fan of the animation style but it served it's purpose and the scene was pretty funny, good job

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The flash the guy hated was yours lol. I loved the I tried really hard on this. No bashing plz. Perfect troll bait. Then as if it couldn't get better Z.O.M.G kitties. I don't agree with the cheat code section though. Have you ever played fear effect? Talk about a butt whupping. The one that best describes me is the picking on defenseless creatures until I power-up or get a power-up.


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Good Flash

It may not be perfect, but really....its so true because that what many people do. Even this happen in real life when I was around:

I visited Fresno and I see a ps2 in the television and I ask my friend's brother, "What happen?" And he said he, "Beat the game." I therefore, in my mind, applauded him for "beating" the game.... He then took over the computer, and with his (What I thought is a grinned face of victory) posting his (What I thought are the victory posts) on three forums. He lost a lot of friends, probably due to jealously over his (victory).

After watching this video I just remembered he is probably pro-religion, so I guess he sacrificed his ps2 for god. So....Even after 2 of mah friends got their halo reach last week or two and went awesome (like the guys in "Awesome Reach,") I discovered that they are also pro-religion, and because not only did they sacrificed their Halo Reach and (my) Xbox360, my first friend sacrificed my second friend. Later, He started to bash at the police, FBI, and CSI and I think he murmured something about them being Atheist. So I took him a building I thought was a Church with the sign, "Court of Justice," and help him pray me (money) with respect over (my) xbox360 and my HD television and the my "Total" cereal, which all had a proper burial.

Ok I was bored and this post can be useless, but the part about breaking the Ps2 is true, and for Halo reach, they didn't used my xbox360. Of course, the red ring of death converted them into pro-religion.

Now if y'all excuse me, Ima wait for Kirby Epic Yarn (I even commented/said this in Awesome Reach Flash page).