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Sep 25, 2010 | 9:04 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place September 27, 2010

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Fragification 5 Points Kill Something with a Grenade
Pacification 5 Points Let the Creators Live!
Vermification 5 Points Defeat Agness
Blobination 25 Points Defeat Claudette
Cooptation 25 Points Unlock Complete Arsenal
Premeditation 50 Points Beat the Game

Author Comments

Thanks Newgrounds for choosing this game as the Madness Day 2010 Winner!
Update: Sept 27th 2010 - Click or press direction to skip intro & countdown - Fixed boss grenade bug & grenade replenishment bug
Update: Sept 26th 2010 - Increased Tricky's health, this will ruin previous Tricky level replays :(
Plan Hank's moves through a strange area of Nevada. Make sure to think 4th dimensionally!
Astral Projection Mode: Arrows
Shot Planning/Menus: Mouse

The sensors on level 3 remove the lasers blocking the doorway
2 handed weapons (shotgun and AK) only fire forward
Remove assigned shots by clicking on an already-placed node
Broken glass shards can interfere with your shots, so wait a while after shooting out glass to take aim again

Author Commentary:

BoMToons: This was intended for Madness Day 2010, but was slightly delayed. I had this gameplay idea while watching some Madness cartoons. It's gone through a lot of revisions based on lots of player feedback (thanks Coaly and Jacksmack!). I hope you give it a chance! There are tons of other gameplay features we wish we had time to add like smarter AI, more stealth rewards, smarter reloading constraints, more balanced guns, the ability to watch all your replays in a row, etc...maybe for a sequel? As always, it's a pleasure to work with Luis, his take on my ugly level mock-ups brought a richness and fun to the story that I never would have included. P.S. This was coded "Somewhere in Nevada" where I live!

Luis: This is a strategy/puzzle game, kinda like chess. Enjoy!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice

I like the concept behind the game. It was quite challenging, but you pick on things as you go making it more and more interesting. Good job on the game! Make some more!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great :]

Overall idea of the game is great - creating something similiar to Madness movies but with players as the directors of the films. It's much more fun than with regular run'n'gun Madness games, yet I won't say that it's perfect at this moment. But it feels like a 9, so... consider most of what I will write next as suggestions.

While I simply love the idea of planning and then watching, some levels can be completed only by trying them a few times to learn how enemies will be acting and only after that we are ready to wipe all Madness-guys. This is highly visible in fights with Tricky and Agness, pre-Tricky level and level with flametraps. Knowing what, when and how often everything will happen would help a lot.
Moving is another issue that needs fixing is movement - we have no option of reseting the path after it's all done, only during planning, what is kind of frustrating, because we often have to fail level as a result of some stupid move. There are also problems with putting "shoot dots" on spots Hank crossed few times - sometimes the game allows us to put them in time we're not very interested in. Perhaps adding a "timeline", an optional method of placing "dots" which is not affected by path we've made would fix it.

This game is about Madness, killing with style and I must say this aspect is quite poor at this moment. User-made movies are quite nice but not.... not awesome ;p It is because we have no "visual candies" to put here. No acrobatic moves, no bullet times, no melee fights... Maybe some death animations, dodges etc? Think about it, now this game is good, but it can be awesome :D

I give you a nine. And 'll be waiting for Madness: Premeditation 2 expecting it to blow my mind with its awesomeness ;)

BoMToons responds:

yes, I would like to add in a lot of that in a sequel, thanks for reviewing :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

just one issue

needs a restart button ... as whenever you draw a path u can't change it except after it executes

Anywayz am stuck at level 7 :-S


Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent idea

The complete opposite of the other action packed..shooting madness


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent concept, comptetent execution.

I've never quite seen this particular take on a madness-like game. I find it immensely refreshing and quite fun to boot. What i would recommend making user-defined checkpoints, so that after performing one action they have time to think about the next. Perhaps make a minimum time between checkpoints, so that players can't abuse it. Next, as the down key has no real function, i would take out the rather annoying feature of having the timer run even when standing still, and replace it with the ability to advance time (while holding still) by pressing the down key. Even more, make it so that while you do this, you can dodge a few shots fired from an enemy (but not a salvo). This would work particularly well if you could combine this with the ability to predict enemy actions, even if only vaguely.

More ideas... hand to hand combat, for both the player and the enemy. Make it so that it seemed like a last resort, which it is. Maybe engineer it so that you can only take out an enemy after they try to attack you, as hank usually does in the movies. And add in enemies that spawn as the battle progresses, instead of having them all on the screen ahead of time.

All these ideas spinning through my head... i wish i could make them a reality myself.

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BoMToons responds:

I like your ideas!