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SW: A New Knight Intro

rated 3.12 / 5 stars
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Sep 23, 2010 | 7:41 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This started as a an idea over lunch that quickly took over my evenings. I hope you enjoy and take part!

I'd appreciate constructive criticism as it's been about a year since I did any animating.


p.s. Sorry it's so short but that's where you come in!

p.p.s. I hope I'm not in violation of any copyright laws! That'd be annoying!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I like the concept. Bats could make good Jedi. He already has the martial arts aspect.

If he can handle the batplane, he can handle a starfighter, and with his scientific know-how and resources who's to say he can't replicate midi-chlorians to give himself the force or perhaps create a midi-chlorian blocker to lessen Vaders power - sounds like a bit of a stretch, but I'd say Wayne Idustries has come through with outrageous innovations before.

Of course, if he HAD the force, it wouldn't take much to push him over to the dark side...potdentially a good internal struggle for him.

And lets face it, he'd love to have a light saber on that utility belt - it's an awesome versatile tool and defensive weapon even if he won't lop off a head with it.

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the-fridge86 responds:

Thanks! The way the fight goes depends on how long you say Batman has been in the Star Wars universe and whether he's had a chance to observe the force. Completely agree that it would be a powerful internal struggle as to whether he'd succumb to the dark side. He's mentally resilient but still very angry!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nce flash!

I especially like how your going about doing this with darkness and a good blend with the jpg of vader. thats what you're doing right?

I say make it a draw, have each character go their own way after the fight or say batman gets teleported back to his own universe before the end of the battle. A good example would be if Vader got batman in a force choke.....batman pulls out some sort of emp grenade and disrupts vaders breathing machine, naturally he'll have to let go of batman since he's choking as other people keep saying batman doesn't have a chance ,which is untrue, and then go on from there

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the-fridge86 responds:

Thanks, Snake. Yeah, it's mostly jpgs with a bit of tweaking.

The idea of Vader force choking Batman seems pretty popular! Definitely like your idea of Bats hitting Vader with an EMP!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Rules of Batman battles

A battle with Batman stands or falls on one thing: Does Batman have preparation time?

Batman fights with strategy, and weak-spot exploitation, rather than brute force, or straightforward weaponry.

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the-fridge86 responds:

Thanks! Well, it's all up to you! We could always have a "earlier that night" kind of flash-back where you see Batman analysing Vader with a computer or something.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

This is...

A mildly impressive idea, that I would like to see get taken further; however, currently the fight is biased... Batman does NOT use weapons aside from that of his own arsenal EVER... this fight would last about 30 seconds in Vader's favor... If you want Batman to even remotely do well in this fight, you will ditch the lightsaber idea immediately.

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the-fridge86 responds:

Thanks for your comments. I can think of one example of Batman using someone else's weapon, which Darkseid's Radion gun in Final Crisis. I like the idea of ditching the lightsaber though. Can you suggest what he'd use instead or do you think he'd just ditch the lightsaber and die immediately?


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I can't see Batman beating Darth Vader, but...

I can see putting up one hell of a fight. I don't think Bats could beat Vader even if he learned the ways of the force, but I bet the fight draw out for a long time before Vader could injur Batman; maybe Batman would even land alucky blow or two, but Vader would outlast Batman and start hammering him. First Vader land a small slash across Batman's chest; just small enough for him to keep fighting. A few more saber clashes and Batman would lose an entire arm to Vader's lightsaber. Batman attempts to keep fighting with his remaining arm, but Vader finds an opening and forcepushes him into the nearest wall. Batman lifts his head just in time to watch Vader force lift him and force choke him to death. Vader walks away without saying a word while sad music plays and the screen fades to black.

the-fridge86 responds:

Thanks! I love it! I'll direct message you if that's the way the story goes!