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Madness Hydraulic

rated 4.47 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Sep 22, 2010 | 12:08 AM EDT

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Survivor 50 Points Survive 40 rounds.
Lone Wolf 100 Points Do it without turrets.

Author Comments

Upgrade Hank, build turrets and blast the baddies through progressively intense, CPU-crushing waves.

Made for Madness Day 2010 and based on the Madness characters by Krinkels.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Hard to enjoy when it's so slow.

I agree with Voinaimir, the game really bogs down when so many enemies, bullets, and weapons are flying around the screen, not to mention when it tilts. The lag causes your firing to be heavily delayed, making you shoot in all sorts of directions you wanted to seconds after you clicked there.

The whole game is from Madness Accelerant, and it's really the same thing, save for the defense part of buying upgrades. Same weapons, which some are total crap, others are overpowered.

Hydraulic levels are weird. Though the level shifts, your aiming doesn't, so you have to aim as if the level hadn't shifted at all. Also, it shifts so badly that you can't possibly aim the other way to shoot (meaning if it leans to the right, you start sliding and can't shoot to the right at anything because you're at the bottom right of the damn screen).

If people are having a hard time playing with so much lag, here's some tips:

-Get the shotgun, never switch for anything else unless you're out of ammo.
-With that said, always go for shotgun ammo.
-Upgrade turrets to max, in a reasonable amount of time.
-Turrets (maxed) can slow the enemy down immensely.
-When zombies come, just let your turrets take care of them. Don't waste ammo.
-Zombies don't attack in the air, just jump around.
-Stay on the bottom level, especially on hydraulic levels. Guns/ammo all slide down.
-Don't bother with jump upgrades, and speed upgrades aren't that important.
-Health and attack upgrades are needed later on. 40 health, 15+ attack is sufficient.
-Just stand in the middle on the bottom and shoot side to side. Only move to get ammo.
-If it gets too laggy (and it will), just used your saved up ammo and let 'er rip.

Near the end of the game I had over 1200 shotgun ammunition. When I was on a hydraulic level and couldn't possibly move around, I just stood still and (enemies pile up with you) just kept firing. Eventually they just die and I win, that simple.

No boss or anything, it was disappointing. I mean, if I had chosen my upgrades more carefully, I'd have maybe 20 attack by the end, but the enemies are so fucking fast and hard to kill (several point-blank shotgun shells to the face and they STILL get up), beyond level 30 it just becomes a spray n' pray game. I guess it was fun to play, but would I continue playing beyond wave 40, or play the game again? Certainly not.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I 'won' but after that the game is not fun anymore, but i have enjoyed this game.
PS: wen i would'nt have won after 1 time i would'nt play this game a second time

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Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 0 / 5 stars

i love the game

i love the game but i kant move im stuk to the wall i cn only
jump and shoot


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Beautiful, But Technically Flawed

This game is unfortunately marred by some crippling technical issues which seriously bring this game's playability down.
I'm totally aware the system used in this and the two previous game was initially intended for keyboard play, and there are very few problems there, outside of the inherent awkwardness of aiming with a keyboard in a high-adrenaline, fast-paced shooter.
However, since mouse support was implemented in Madness Accelerant, the gameplay has been plagued with heavy and nigh-on unmissable delays whenever mouse control is used, where the main character becomes VERY slow to respond to aim commands from the mouse or move commands from the keyboard. The game runs smoothly the entire time- there is no drop in graphical or sound quality, nor is there the hiccuping associated with the "usual" lag- it seems to simply take a long time for the character on screen to acknowledge the command, sometimes up to ten or twelve seconds after input. This makes gameplay at best tedious and at worst completely unplayable as it grinds the player's interaction with the game to a complete halt - in the meanwhile the swarms of opponents onscreen continue hitting the character, knocking him down and whittling down his health.
The problem seems to stem from the number of enemies on-screen at once which, judging by the description in the Author Comments is something the creators are well aware of.
It must be said, however, that "CPU-crushing" is not a good selling point for a game and in fact does nothing more than advertise this game's biggest, most critical flaw.
Unfortunately despite what may or may not have been the creators' original intentions, the game is much more engaging and fun to play with mouse control - something demonstrated in Madness Accelerant when the problem was less pronounced due to the reduced number of onscreen enemies - and many players will (and likely already have) try to play the game with mouse control first, only to leave when the delay frustrates them completely.

There are other small flaws in the game's design which could use improvement. The health and damage system is somewhat awkward, and while getting knocked down every time the character takes a hit prevents the sudden massive health loss that was the flaw in Regent, it has the effect of completely stopping the action, which breaks the pacing of the game. A game like this relies on immersion in its fast, frenetic pace, and anything that would slow it, let alone break it, would completely ruin the player's engagement in the game. This is however, merely a design issue, and doesn't keep the game from being fun, only from being as fun as it likely could be.

Ultimately the game's biggest flaw - the unresponsiveness of the mouse - can be ignored. The game can be played on keyboard mode well enough, and its possible to go through the entire game without ever really *needing* the mouse. However, setting aside fun and engagment, you guys offer the mouse as a control option up front before every new game and before every continue, with no indication that using the mouse causes delays. If it continues, its going to ring of laziness or worse outright incompetence in the ability to implement or playtest a game properly.
Really, the game is fine without it, but for the sake of the experience, my recommendation would be to give some serious thought to resolving it, either by eliminating the delays in mouse control or simply by sticking to your roots and taking off mouse control altogether.

You guys are obviously talented people with proven chops. Mindchamber's art is beautiful, unique and distinctive as always, and Tom's knack for simplistic, interesting and fresh takes on gameplay is always a pleasure to see - we've learned to expect a lot out of you guys and where it really counts you didn't disappoint.
Unfortunately the technical issues seriously overshadow all of this, and reduce what could have been a really engaging, fun and memorable game into at best, an awkward yet passable shooter, or at worst, a frustrating, unplayable mess.


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