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Sep 19, 2010 | 12:15 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place September 20, 2010

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Assalamualaikum and Hey there,

This is somehow an informative flash animation, but delivered in more interesting way. This show how entertainment work, and effect us. An entertainment via Creative Multimedia. This was made for an assignment, hope ya'll like it.

EDIT: Wow, front paged already? Thanks Newgrounds. :3

SINCE the voice acting seem like a hot topic here, the voice actor himself wanna say something bout it:

" I want noted that I was aiming towards a Heath Ledger Joker but wasn't trying to go flown blown Heath Ledger, though it's the audience choice to believe if it was Joker or not"

EDIT 2: Thanks for voting, and getting the 5th Daily. :)

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Thanks in advance.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I Really like your video!

First of all i disagree with "TheN0mad" yes it was a little hypocritical but what he doesn't understand is that multimedia is the best and fastest way to spread your message, your obviously not going to go on the street and talk about how multimedia brainwashes people, #1 reason you wouldn't do that is because people would just think you're crazy and wouldn't listen to you (because they're already brainwashed).

There are so many people that are brainwashed to the point of ignorance of the truth like "Talor43" for instance, that says "I'm gonna go back to playing l4d2 now that new DLC is coming out" after watching this flash movie, what an ignorant thing to say! i mean he doesn't have to stop playing games but why would he post a comment like that and rate the flash movie a 0!

When i was younger i lived only with my mother, and played video games all day for about 5 years, until i reached the age of 17. Then one day, i went downstairs to get something to drink and seen my mother sitting alone filling out some crossword puzzle, i just stood there looking at her and thinking to myself, how well do i know my own mother?... Would i really rather play games all day and spend hours and hours just wasting my life away, then spend some quality time with my own mother? and then i thought about all the nights she was alone, just like she never had a son. The next day i asked her if she wanted to hang out and go do something together, first she looked at me with disbelief, and then lit up like a Christmas tree, i never thought i could make her so happy just by hanging out with her. Since that day, I've been spending a lot of time with my mother and it changed both of our lives. You see video games and Multimedia don't just brainwash us, in most cases they isolate us from our friends and family, from the world around us. And that's the sad thing today, Most kids today would rather sit in their room (just like i did) and isolate them selves from the world, rather than spending time with their family and friends...

One more thing, if you're doing the same thing like i was, try asking your mother to do something fun together, you'll be surprised how happy it will make her!!!

Sorry for the long ass comment xD, very good flash movie! 5/5 10/10

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akoRn responds:

thanks for sharing man.. and yes, I AM A GAMER myself. I started playin since I was in kindergaden and playin the classic mario. Up till now, I spent hours on Guitar Hero and lots of other games, Mafia 2, Halo Reach and whole bunch of good stuff.

The thing is, I didnt conclude that "HEY YOU, DONT DO THIS".. it's their-self that think that. and with those 0 rated comment that blamin me as if Im askin them to stop playing, I was liek 'wtf'.. haha

thx for the comment again. :D


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I've been brainwashed!
No seriously, i'll give an 8 because the last laughing part kinda sucked....But still this is good!

akoRn responds:

haha.. o rlly? i love the last laugh :P oh well, thx !


Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was creepy!

I agree with ya.....

akoRn responds:

creeeeeeepy.. thx. :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Narrator Amazing

Its amazing how well you emulated all the jokers oral tendencies emphasis in just the right places quiet undertone laughing even the accent of certain words.

akoRn responds:

thanks mate


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Let's just say...

Wow. Okay, I somewhat get your point in all of this, too much gaming is a bad idea, and I completely agree with that - But you know what else? This video, and the way it is presented, is NOTHING but you telling me "fuck you, dumbass, quit fucking playing games." I can respect the message you're trying to give, but if you're going to try and spread it like THIS, then I have nothing to say but fuck you, sir.

Calling us "game freaks" is REALLY gonna help you to spread a message you feel is important, isn't it? It's insulting, and more importantly, it sounds ridiculously rude. If you're trying to tell somebody to change their ways, the WORST thing you could possibly do is insult them for it, we aren't gonna listen to you if you play it off like that, we're just gonna shove it right back in your face, with an extra "screw you" on top. On top of that, your voice actor sounds like a complete and total asshole. The entire air about him, his voice, and the things he said were COMPLETELY derogatory, rude, and downright insulting.

And for your information, do you have any idea how positive gaming can be? As long as you aren't sitting in a dark room all day staring at a screen and playing World of Warcraft, or whatever the hell else you want to do, gaming can be a GOOD thing. For example, it can improve a persons reaction time. And look at something like the army, where video games are used to teach the basics of combat to aspiring members. It's NOT a negative thing, and if you truly think so, then you need to get your head out of your ass and look at the possibilities.

Next time, if you try to spread a message like this, try doing it in a way that DOESN'T make people hate you, and DOESN'T make you look like a douchebag.

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akoRn responds:

1. i didnt conclude that u should stop playin games.
2. game freaks is use by the character of the pyscho narrator, he's into his crazy-twisted character.
3. asshole voice actor? again, he's into the role
4. i did a report bout the good side of gamin before, so i know that too.
5. im havin fun makin this, so why so serious? juz enjoy the flash.

note taken, u serious creature. :D