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Sep 5, 2000 | 1:45 AM EDT

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If anyone can provide information about making loaders please email me!!!!



Rated 0 / 5 stars


Okay, so from the moment I saw it was about weed, I was going to give it a low rating if it wasn't good. But This was complete and total shit. Horrible audio, stolen shit, what you might have done yourself, was shit as well. As stated before, you don't deserve the name of ill Will. You're account should probably be blammed. Honestly I'm surprised this flash wasn't blammed already.
This was tasteless, pointless, stupid, and an all out eyesore. This was the biggest waste of time I've seen so far. I'd give you advice about flashes just from what I've watched from others, but I can only think of one, either get better or give up, because first timers seem to submit better shit then this.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


That was completely and utterly tastless and the use of random gifs didn't help. I feel the sudden need to wash my eyes.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Okay, for one thing, EVERYTHING, except for your ' four papered joint' and the crap ass body for the huge ass head were stolen. In fact I think you stole the identity. OH YEAH, you did. Don't take illwillpress's fucking name bitch, because you aren't a fucking artist. Your a stoner with too much time on your ambilent hands. I'm pretty damn sure that you are the next president of the Antidisestablismentarianism movement in the near future. I'm sure your rep is bad already. Go home, you SUCK!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Boo, you stink

damn.. that just was bad. Next time dont try to submit it twice. Only ruins your rep.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Funny stuff. The credits went by a bit quick, though. That was a decent joint... hate to say, I've seen bigger, though. It weighed aprox. 1.5 lbs, and got me high just to see it smoked. Good short bit of laughter.