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Sep 12, 2010 | 5:49 PM EDT

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Make sure you have full volume.


to all the people questioning the tourettes, he does have tourettes.

the ticks (muscle spasms) he has are in his arms. he is not only retarded because hes a dinosaur (seriously, why do people question its stupidity) but because its always slamming its head all over the place. this combined with his useless spazzing arms , animal instincts, uncontrollably bad temper and the constant hardship of trying to be normal when your the last of your kind (and dumb with useless arms and muscle spasms) makes it what it is..

also, Tourettes T-rex, too-retts tee-retx, whatever, it just rolls right off the tongue and makes a great name.

for everyone who enjoyed it, thanks, im working on the sequel. there will be more skits and they'll be more elaborate, unpredictable, funnier and better animated. everyone here needs to keep in mind im a 16 year old with no lessons in animation or any of that shit, and this was made to be funny.

2013 update
anti-gay comments: I apologize about the poster on the wall with homophobic qualities. The kitchen background for this animation was some random picture I found online and as an immature 16 yr old I didn't realize how offensive it was at the time and simply left it in thinking it was funny. I have since lost the original flash document of this animation so I cannot replace it.

My sincerest apologies about that!



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thats not wat touretts is

touretts is random not yelling when something pisses you off


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this ain"t no dam tourettes syndrome its just anger problems.


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You've got it all wrong

Tourettes is NOT where you get angry easily and swear. Tourettes is where you sometimes lose control of your brain and do something (e.g. shout something or a full-body twitch) and less than half of people with tourettes have swearing tics. So next time you make a video about a disorder, actually research instead of watching Tourettes Guy and thinking "that's how everybody with tourettes is like!" Well you're WRONG!