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Sep 10, 2010 | 3:38 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place September 11, 2010
  • Weekly 4th Place September 15, 2010

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Brain 10 Points The more thoughtful problem solver.
Brawn 10 Points The more aggressive problem solver.
Out With a Ding 25 Points Beat the Game
Lucky Rabbit's Foot Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Well this is it folks, the end of Alice is Dead. I'd strongly advise you to avoid reading reviews until after you've played unless you want to risk seeing spoilers.

Huge thanks to Tom and Newgrounds for once again sponsoring this. And more importantly, thanks to Newgrounds for making such a large collaboration of talented people possible.

And thank you to all of the fans. You guys seriously rock and motivate us more than you know.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great Game

It's true this game is only great because of it's prequels, the two other ones were more fun and complete overall. That aside, the sound tracks are outstanding, as are the voice acting. Last, but not least, the art is just as marvelous, as it was in its prequels.

I just wanted this to be more challenging, i fell like the story of this chapter ("doctor", daughter, cats, experiments, alice, etc...) was for naught. None of it was explored in game. In short, this game lacked story and challenge. It's succes is more of a shadow from its prequels.

I'm still rating it high, as this series is, without doubt, an excellent one. Congratulations for the whole team, amybe throw a Finale party?

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well, a conclusion that really makes me want so much more... anyways.

This was a beautiful masterpiece of epic awesomeness...? Ya, I think that can describe like the first few seconds. The rest go beyond words.

You are a genius and I am always surprised how moving flash can be sometimes.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Brilliant Game

Graphics - 9/10. Felt... Rough at parts. Almost perfect, though
Sound and Music - 10/10 That was beautiful
Story - 8/10 The ending was disappointing, but the story was still pretty good. I wish you touched on the cat more, however. It felt like it was going to be longer due to that

27/30 = 9/10 Great Game!

As for walkthrough (This will get buried anyways)

Go into the city
Pick up the brick (For Brawn) OR click on the drain for a penny (For Brain)
Use the brick (Brawn) OR the penny (Brain) on the control panel
Enter and click the answering machine. Listen to messages
Not sure, but you may have to call both numbers
Go further into town
Click on the pipe, turn right, and use it on the bodyguard, then toss it in the trash (Brawn) OR turn left, give the guy a penny, then go to the right and use the mushroom on the drink. Go to another screen, then back to the bodyguard (Brain)
Enter the club and enter the kitchen (left)
Click the thermostat and turn up the heat to 90
Go to the bathroom (club, then right) and call the number on the mirror
Go back to the kitchen and click on the bottom part of the slots
Select 1 to 1 odds
Play the slots
Go to the bathroom
Click the stalls and enter the third one
Click the door, then go left and take the message
Go to the right (elevator) and take the message
Go back to the club. There should be a tape somewhere in the main room
Go to the alley and click on the dumpster. Tape two
Go to the guy across from the club entrance and talk to him. Tape three
Go back to the lab in the bathroom
Go left and use each tape on the tv man (no need to watch them all the way through. Just keep using them unless you want story)
Go to the right twice and take the message
Go back into the washroom, take the message and click the sink
Take the gift
Go back into the lab then take the elevator
Watch the rabbit get shot in the head only for Alice to appear after the credits, having faked her death, and see her kill the "queen" (hey, I never said this was a spoilerless walkthrough :P)
Enter the lab, go left,

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

To the one who questioned what's with the...

...skeleton at AiD1,
************SPOILER ALERT************
At the end, after the credits, when you see Alice avenging queen, series of cutscene shows real "Alice" replacing the body with a wig and throwing the body to the hole. Guess she got out of the hole and replaced "her" with someone
************/SPOILER ALERT************

Anyway, great game. Still needs a "spiritual" sequel or something..

BTW, I got Lucky Rabbit's Foot on my 2nd try. Guess I am lucky.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad, but not what I had expected or hoped for.

This was a good conclusion, but not as fantastic as I had hoped. As many others have pointed out it is just far too short and the story doesn't feel complete.

There is no denying that you were going for a retroactive story (For the non-writers: This means a story that is less about what is happening now and more about learning what happened prior and up to the current events.) and you had some clever ways of telling it but even after watching all the tapes, reading the journal, going back through parts 1 & 2 and scouring every secret nook and cranny there are certain things that just don't gel. I don't like giving out spoilers.. so I won't; but let's just say I didn't feel like the story regarding the Cat, OYSTERCLOUD and the young girl were explained well and as good as ambiguity can be, there simply isn't enough even to simply mull over in your mind.

Regardless; the puzzles were good and what substance was there was still very cool, and I loved the idea of the Queen being.. well, a different kind of "queen." =3 Also Hania's song was great, which says something because I'm honestly not a big fan of Hania.