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Sep 2, 2010 | 12:04 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 3, 2010
  • Weekly 2nd Place September 8, 2010

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A Freeze is Coming 5 Points Freeze 3 enemies in one shot.
Acidic 5 Points Melt 100 castle pieces.
Air Burst 5 Points Detonate a remote bomb in flight.
Bombastic 5 Points Explode 100 castles pieces.
Death From Above 5 Points Hit and enemy directly with a parachute bomb.
Electric Boogaloo 5 Points Electrocute 5 enemies in one shot.
I'm a Lumberjack 5 Points Destroy 10 castles with only log ammo.
I'm Melting 5 Points Cover an enemy in acid.
Jack Frost 5 Points Freeze 100 castle pieces.
Ladies First 5 Points Kill a Princess or a Queen first on any level.
Last Laugh 5 Points Kill the Jester last on any level.
Logged to Death 5 Points Hit and kill an enemy directly with a log.
Oh The Humanity! 5 Points Burn 5 enemies in one shot.
Priority Target 5 Points Kill the king first on any level.
Pyromaniac 5 Points Burn 100 castle pieces.
Throw Like a Girl 5 Points Throw after the trebuchet has reached it's return point.
You're Doing It Wrong 5 Points Kill and enemy with a remove bomb without detonating it.
Prohibition 10 Points Destroy 100 barrels.
Veteran Crusher 10 Points Crush all castles
Golden God 25 Points Get gold medals on all castles.
Hell Froze Over Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Into The Void Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Even after crushing and capturing Arcturia, the Redvonian King was still longing for more castles to crush. Rumor has it that King Blutias has built sturdier castles in his cluster of islands known as Crushtania the Redvonian King wants them crushed. The King has sent you, his Seige Master, and Halgrim his finest mason, to assemble the greatest minds in the land to destroy Blutias's empire.

Produced In-House by Armor Games Inc.
Programmed by Joey Betz.
Art by Chris "Con" Condon.
Special thanks to John, Dim, Joel, and all of the Beta Testers.

Mouse to Fire, Release, and Reload
Arrow Keys to View Castle

Ver 1.3.2 - Added Medals.



Rated 5 / 5 stars September 16, 2010


i relly like how thier is kinda of a story and good work


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars September 16, 2010

Way too short for such a great game.

Really, it's too short.


Rated 5 / 5 stars September 16, 2010

Heh... I feel like a veteran

Wow, as I wrote this review I noticed how many first time players there was. I played this game months ago on armorgames, only replayed it here for the sake of the medals ;P Great game, love the Crush the Castle Series


Rated 5 / 5 stars September 16, 2010

Epic game

I like this game very very much...

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499.9,409.9,1,1,0","pbx,499.9,370.1,1 ,1,0","pbx,530,449.8,1,1,-0.1","pbx,5 30,410,1,1,0","pbx,529.9,370.1,1,1,0"
,"pbx,529.9,330.3,1,1,0","pbx,499.9,3 30.3,1,1,0","pbx,560,449.7,1,1,0.1","
pbx,560,409.8,1,1,0","pbx,559.9,370,1 ,1,0","pbx,559.9,330.2,1,1,0.1","pbx,
589.9,330,1,1,0.6","pbx,590,369.9,1,1 ,0.3","pbx,590,409.7,1,1,0","pbx,590,
0","pbx,499.9,290.3,1,1,0","pbx,529.9 ,290.4,1,1,0","pbx,559.9,290.2,1,1,0.
2","pbx,590,290,1,1,0.5","bin,465.2,1 49.5,2,1.6,0.1","bsn,625,369.2,2,2,0"
,"bsn,665.1,319.2,2,3,0","bsn,424.9,3 19.1,2,3,0","bsn,705.1,319.1,2,3,0","
bsn,384.9,319.1,2,3,0","bin,545.1,249 .4,2,2,89.9","pbx,499.8,649,1,1,-0.4"
5,1,1,-0.1","pbx,499.9,529.6,1,1,-0.1 ","pbx,559.8,649.1,1,1,-0.3","pbx,559 .8,609.2,1,1,0.1","pbx,559.9,569.4,1,
"pbx,589.8,649,1,1,-0.1","bsn,464.8,5 69.1,2,2,0","pbx,499.9,489.6,1,1,0","
pbx,529.9,489.6,1,1,0","pbx,560,489.5 ,1,1,-0.3","pbx,590,489.5,1,1,-0.3","
bsn,625,569,2,2,0","bsn,424.9,569.1,2 ,2,0","bsn,665,569.1,2,2,0","bsn,384.
0","ptsg,465.4,4.5,1,1,0","ptsg,625.4 ,4.6,1,1,0","king,545,149.6,1,1,0","b ws,334.9,674,0.5,3,89.9","bws,634.9,6 74,0.5,3,90","bin,545.1,209.6,2,1.2,8 9.9","pb,350,649.2,1,1,-0.1","pb,320,
9,619.4,1,1,-0.4","pr,755.1,619.4,1,1 ,0.5","pr,775.2,619.3,1,1,0.2","bws,3 4.9,674.1,0.5,3,89.9","pb,290,649.2,1 ,1,-0.1","pb,260,649.2,1,1,-0.5","pr,
350,589.5,1,1,-0.3","pb,319.9,589.5,1 ,1,-0.2","pr,355,559.6,1,1,0","pr,334 .9,559.6,1,1,0.3","pr,314.7,559.6,1,1 ,-0.6","pb,229.9,649.2,1,1,0","pb,199 .9,649.3,1,1,-0.5","pr,234.7,619.3,1,
1,0","pr,214.8,619.3,1,1,0.2","pr,194 .8,619.4,1,1,0.2","pb,289.9,589.5,1,1 ,0","pb,259.8,589.6,1,1,-0.4","pr,294 .8,559.7,1,1,-0.2","pr,274.8,559.7,1,
1,0","pr,254.8,559.7,1,1,0.1","pb,349 .9,529.7,1,1,0.4","pb,319.9,529.7,1,1 ,0","pr,354.8,499.9,1,1,0","pr,334.8,
499.9,1,1,-0.4","pr,314.9,499.8,1,1,0 .3","prt,334.8,459.9,1,1,0","prt,274.
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0","pr,835.1,619.3,1,1,0","pb,830,649 .3,1,1,0","pb,800,649.3,1,1,0","pr,73 5,499.9,1,1,0","pr,755,499.9,1,1,0","
pr,775,499.8,1,1,0","pb,770,529.7,1,1 ,-0.2","pb,740,529.8,1,1,-0.7","pb,73 9.9,589.5,1,1,-0.2","pb,769.9,589.5,1 ,1,-0.2","pr,775.1,559.6,1,1,0.3","pr ,755.1,559.6,1,1,0.3","pr,735,559.7,1 ,1,-0.4","pr,815,559.4,1,1,0","pr,795 .1,559.4,1,1,0.1","pr,835,559.4,1,1,0 ","pb,830,589.4,1,1,0","pb,800,589.4,
1,1,0","pr,875,619.3,1,1,-0.1","pr,85 5.1,619.3,1,1,0","pr,895,619.3,1,1,-0 .1","pb,890,649.2,1,1,0","pb,860,649.
3,1,1,0","prtr,755.1,459.9,1,1,0","pr tr,815.1,519.4,1,1,0","prtr,875,579.5 ,1,1,-0.1","prtr,935,639.2,1,1,0"],"n ":"3 2 1 fire (rocket)","t":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,
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Rated 5 / 5 stars September 16, 2010

Damn I Did IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Well took me about 5 days but I finally got all the awards and finish the entire game now, my new challenge is to built a cool castle, but great work with the game definitely better than the first and cool castle designs hope you make more great games....