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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Aug 23, 2010 | 7:54 AM EDT

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I made this game as the 18th run of the rather excellent 48 hour game creation competion Ludum Dare.

This means that all the art/code/sound was all made by me, within a strict 48 hour timeframe. I'm really happy with the level of polish I managed to achieve in the time, and I really hope you enjoy it.

edit: If you're having problems getting back up, this video should show you what you're missing.: tch?v=meKITP12Dsc

Apologies for not making it more obvious.

Jonathan Whiting



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dang, a lot of people vote low just because it carries a pacifistic message? I thought that was supposed to be a good thing?
Anyway, I liked how it developed about getting down easily but then you had to go back up and it became a sort of puzzle platformer. It has this challenge I guess to get down and up again without killing anyone. I tried this on my second try and I got away with getting 22 people killed. It is quite hard because you should sneak passed the enemy without being detected and or they should each other or get shot by their own stray bullets.
At that point, reset button and checkpoints might be a good idea, since wanting to obtain this requires you to start over when one guy kicks it and that's quite a hassle. There might be some in game achievements connected to this game, like getting down without killing anyone or so.

It's a nice game with a nice message. I wonder if there is a special ending if you managed to escape without getting anyone killed..

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Rated 2 / 5 stars


In terms of a platformer, it's not bad, hippie bullshit message aside.

What irritates me is, even "giving pacifism a chance", as the game says at the end, the enemies KILL THEMSELVES. I got something like 20 kills- without once shooting my own weapon at an enemy.

In short, I gave pacifism a chance, other people didn't, and the outcome was the same! kinda like real life, huh?

anyway, I'd give it a higher score if a perfect score was possible, but, since it's not, and going through 'hard mode' and not killing anybody on the way back up nets the same result as just blasting every living thing in sight, 4/10.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent game and message.

For a game put together in 48 hours this is fantastic. The art is good, the music is vaguely war movie-y, the physics are precise enough to facilitate the platforming.

On the message, I think some people just don't realize that our principles and our ability to resolve things in non-violent manners are the only things separating us from the animals we eat and use.

The ultimate defiance to a violent force is to show that you will hold your head up high and suffer any injustice to prove your point and to remain their better.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

your pure naivity is astounding.

first and foremost the game review. considering the 48 hours timelimit its a quite well done game with some oddly precise puzzles (save a bug or two i noticed but have already been mentioned) now however for your message.... pacifism does not work. period. in fact it acts in total opposition to itself. metaphorically speaking you can not change the world without a gun. all pacifism does is show people how to beg others with guns to defend them. there are only three things human beings have done since their existence, eat, fuck, and kill. and those things will not ever change, to choose pacifism is to ask someone else to fight in your stead because you are literally too pathetic not to take pity on, ask ghandi. if you intend on taking a complex matter like the one in your "message" and try to simplify it in a few lines then your are purely a fool sir. leave the deep thought stuff to the philosophers and go smoke your weed, you obviously werent cut out to view wide perspectives.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

The Game Was Fun

The heavy handed sub... okay, that wasn't even subtext. There is, however, two extreme, extreme missteps if your message is pacifism. They fire at you using the same exact weapon you have. If this were me, I'd fire right back. If I got hit and the only thing that happened was that I flew back, one I'd be very relieved, two I would assume that I'm not going to kill them if I shot back. Also, avoiding the shooting on the way back up is, in fact, pacifism. If they die by their own shots, that's idiocy. You are trying to make what can be, as shown by Gandhi, an effective argument, that pacifism is the way to go. Heavy handed bullshit like this just pisses people off. It's clearly fictional, it was actually a fun game, and then you go and try to be eloquent and potent with your message. Nuclear missiles are a pretty big deal. Also, if the people in charge actually want proof of something, they don't say 'Kill everyone', especially if the enemy actually has nuclear missiles. NOBODY wants those things going off. Your method for delivering the idea of pacifism is the worst way of delivering the idea of pacifism ever. Thank you, oh great one, for being a dick.