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Aug 19, 2010 | 8:41 PM EDT
  • Weekly 3rd Place August 25, 2010

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Believe Me 5 Points Jump on the enemy in 'TRUST'.
Immortal 5 Points Dont commit suicide in 'SUICIDE'.
Truth 5 Points Attempt to use the arrow keys in 'PLEASE WAIT'.
Bridge 10 Points Use the button to create a bridge.
Idiot 25 Points Get the fake ending: press ESCAPE in 'THE END'. According to SWFStats only 13% of players get this ending.
Leap of Faith 25 Points Skip the spring in 'BREAKTHROUGH'.
Save Me 25 Points Don't kill the creature in 'REFLEX'.
Save Us 25 Points Don't kill the creatures in 'DROP3'.
Trapped Forever 50 Points Get the 'Trapped Forever' ending. According to SWFStats 60% of population get this ending.
Free 100 Points Get the 'Free' ending. According to SWFStats only 11% of population get this ending. Do you want to be that special?

Author Comments

NOTE: If you get black screen and the game never loads chances are you have Adblock Plus browser extension. Try disabling it. If that doesn't help try deleting your cookies (make sure this won't upset you :P). If that doesn't help, I guess the server where this game is hosted is temporarily down or we're updating the game.

This commentary isn't a lie. Promise.

A voice is trying to guide you to safety but can you trust it?
Things may not be what they seem to be.

Journey through 30 levels and escape from the cage.

There are 2 real endings and 1 fake.
To get the best ending (2/2) you don't have to replay the whole game.

Game saves your progress, but make sure you don't hit 'Restart' accidentally.

Game by Kyle Pulver of IGF-nominee Snapshot.
Flash version produced by Miroslav Malesevic of Eversion.
Music by Alec Holowka of Aquaria and Infinite Ammo.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think!



Rated 5 / 5 stars March 10, 2012

Much like Coma, as the game progressed, I felt there was a lot more to it than first meets the eye. There seems to be a lot of depth, a lot of thinking, that went into this.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars March 9, 2012

I got the free ending press k then move left it will fall.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars March 5, 2012

THIS WAZ FUN!!!!!i still don't know the secret ending but,it was good!also,for new people,x and c are to move,j is to jump,and k is to shot spikes.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars March 2, 2012

Ha. That game wuz FUN. I cheated a little by using the achievement lock thingies under the game for some of the levels. I like the fact that in the game, you have an alter ego trying to destroy you in your body. It's like you have two minds. Or Harry Potter when something says," Neither can live while the other survives." On the last level, its sort of like that when your evil self barges out of you and you lure him in the gems. (This is a spoiler, so srry) Then your game character is left with a pure, free mind, body, and brain. FREEDOM! Also, THERE MIGHT BE NO SEQUEL.
If the author spontaneously comes up with some name for a game with the letters for two in it, that might be the sequel to Depict1. Dont believe everything in the title, though.........
(\.A./) (angry faic)
Still, an awesome game for even the most bored of people. MAKE MAOR PLZ. THX

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Rated 5 / 5 stars March 1, 2012

This game makes me want to Spill my thoughts.
You sir have made me understand the definition of Art Game. What did I just experience? Some allegoric piece of interactive story? The kind that subtly makes the player embody a faceless character in order to let the action be set in a broad, free and yet acurate field of interpretation and self-identification? To be honest, I don't give a sh*t about the message you tried (successfuly) to depict, I'm just glad that somebody did actually make me THINK, for once, on this website.
Wait ... I realize I am lying here. Maybe I actually give a sh*t.
You know what? Let's try and see what I can draw out of this story:

Well, this is an allegory of life. I think that was obvious.

[Step by step]
1) You go out from your mom's belly (metaphore of the initial cage, with the wall that pops out in the first lvl)
2) You experience alterity (I can't forget the moment you discover the poor creature in the cage. You chosed the right time to launch this uncanny and beautiful music). Indeed, the other are in a cage. You cannot help it, even if you wanted. It makes you sad but you don't realise at that time that you might also be this caged creature.
3) You experience that the others can be deceiving (when does this strange voice tell the TRUTH)? You know, right from the beginning that you can't trust it. Yet, you keep making mistakes, and ... that's how you learn about life. This game simply allows one to experience birth a second time! That's awesome ... I mean, you can't trust your perceptions (the hidden passages and the invisible platforms. The spikes and the gems), because things aren't always as they seem to be! You learn to smash and crush the creatures that stand in your way, and towards whom you first felt pity and empathy (see step 2). You control a round character. Each lvl corresponds to a new psychological step.
4) You also learn that the more you evolve, the more distant you will be from the strange voice. You keep doing the opposite of his advices at the expense of your self-confidence. What if he told the truth eventually? Maybe is he not that malevolent, maybe does he want to preserve me from a greater risk? You want to know the truth, and chose to face your destiny, whatever happens in the end. Then you discover that this voice was yours, at the end of the journey. This part is, IRL, the most challenging. You now have to fight your own demon, in order to walk free for the rest of your time on earth. It took me IG a lot of time to find a breach in this symmetrical fight. Then, after having tried again and again, you finally break the mirror and access freedom.
5) You chosed the path of your free will. That's exactly the way to go ... in real life.

Thank you for this moment of reflection! I needed to write something about it, and I just leave it here. This is how I put some order in my brain after reading, watching, listening to an interesting book, movie, music... That's the first time I do it for a video game. That was not expected.

Keep on the good work, please!

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