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Aug 9, 2010 | 4:15 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place August 10, 2010

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I made a quiz a couple of days ago, but this one turned out better so I released it as a new one. The first quiz got a lot of feedback, which I used to improve it.

UPDATED CONTROLS: When told you can choose between MOUSE controls or UP/DOWN arrow keys and ENTER controls by clicking the screen or pressing ENTER.

The zombies are based on the zombies in the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks.
In the second part of the introduction you can read up on them, but you can skip it by clicking the screen.
This is to avoid any confusion. We all have different ideas on how zombies work because of films/games.

Hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE[1.01]: I have now fixed the pre-loader, as it didn't initially show properly!


- You can now mute the music by pressing M.
- Added a question regarding explosives/gun powder.
- Added a question regarding first aid.
- After playing through once you can now read about the questions and answers if you play it again. You will be notified after pressing enter in the end of how it works.
- A zombie head in the foreground.


- Re-created all graphical elements of the game.
- Fixed some grammar and spelling errors.
- Added a line in the intro about the zombie's senses.
- Added some extra titles in the end.

Front Page!? Never thought it would be this popular!
Thank you all so incredibly much for the support!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow, I got 71 when I though I could get something like 25.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It was necessary the mini-screamer at the end?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I don't understand why every zombie guide line of reasoning suggests to leave everyone behind. There is more than one way to survive, and I'd prefer to have someone on-watch when I'm sleeping in a ditch somewhere.

Think of it this way. You just saved Billy's life by helping him hobble along after he sprained his ankle. You quickly gain his trust after he thought he was zombie bait. He always shares his food and wakes you up for anything important. Then, when the horde comes and it seems like there's no hope, you throw Billy into the horde and run like heck. Bam, survival.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

i dont get why i get an 8 if i got the right answers


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm getting tired of all these stock zombie quizzes.
The atmosphere is OK and the music isn't annoying but this is another zombie quiz that just doesn't bring anything new to the table.
This, like many, many others, is based of the Zombie Survival Guide, and like the guide, flawed.
Games like this are scored based off how interesting they are and their (At least the ones that actually try) accuracy; as the only thing you do is answer questions. This being based of the guide will be inherently flawed because the guide, being a good source of starting materiel to learn what to do in a zombie apocalypse, is still very misleading and very inaccurate. The information LOOKS good, but for the people that have done many of the things in the book, can tell it was written by a guy who doesn't get out much. So, no matter what the answers to the questions were, this quiz is another flawed, inaccurate, misleading quiz copy of the guide just like 90% of all the other quizzes out there.
Besides all that, like I stated before, doesn't bring anything new to the table. You see a quote and a synopsis at the beginning and then you answer questions. Simple straight forward questions. The reaction time test was a nice touch, but one thing doesn't make up for the rest of the quiz, in addition from the other comments it sounds like there is an issue with it. It should be a small part of your grade as in a zombie apocalypse your survival will depend on your ability to think and react, not twitch.
All in all, it was a good quiz, but presenting nothing new or original. It could have used more questions and more facets in general. It was a good try and was very clean and organized, just needs less stock.
I got 83% on the first try.

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