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Zombie Apocalypse Quiz

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Aug 9, 2010 | 4:15 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place August 10, 2010

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Author Comments

I made a quiz a couple of days ago, but this one turned out better so I released it as a new one. The first quiz got a lot of feedback, which I used to improve it.

UPDATED CONTROLS: When told you can choose between MOUSE controls or UP/DOWN arrow keys and ENTER controls by clicking the screen or pressing ENTER.

The zombies are based on the zombies in the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks.
In the second part of the introduction you can read up on them, but you can skip it by clicking the screen.
This is to avoid any confusion. We all have different ideas on how zombies work because of films/games.

Hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE[1.01]: I have now fixed the pre-loader, as it didn't initially show properly!


- You can now mute the music by pressing M.
- Added a question regarding explosives/gun powder.
- Added a question regarding first aid.
- After playing through once you can now read about the questions and answers if you play it again. You will be notified after pressing enter in the end of how it works.
- A zombie head in the foreground.


- Re-created all graphical elements of the game.
- Fixed some grammar and spelling errors.
- Added a line in the intro about the zombie's senses.
- Added some extra titles in the end.

Front Page!? Never thought it would be this popular!
Thank you all so incredibly much for the support!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I forgot a lesson... from the walking dead: "Shooting a firearm only makes the walkers come near you." Really good though! Got 62%


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'd suggest that a next quiz would have an 'Firearms are illegal in my country' option when they ask for my weapon skills. Shooting with such loud weapons would be stupid anyway.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

73% Not bad.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

well in yhe reflex test i wouldnt kill it its just a teddy bare in the middle of a room basicly because thats noy a zombie it might be a african amercin so the guy who made this pleas change this THX


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I dont understand why every zombie survival quiz tells you to leave your friend or loved one to die when they are hurt and trust you to save them when they need help if you going to leave your friends to die then dont expect to survive long you cant survive without the help of other people being an every man for himself survivalist will get you killed maybe not by zombies but by people(hands down) if you dont care for the survival of the others in your group they will not care for yours and likely leave you to die why not just simply drag him into safety even if hes a little "heavy" Ive seen 6 and 8 year olds pull their parents out of burning houses by the arm how difficult would it be to drag your injured heavy friend when safety is not even a block away or why not simply treat his injury since I know alot about medical aid? when the time comes you and a partner go out to search for food he gets hurt and you shoot him how are you going to explain that to the rest of the group? "Oh I shot him because he was hurt" you think they will let you stay in the group after that?
No their going to kick your ass out, kill you, or not longer trust you
Also why would I leave an unbitten person to die? A person thats trying to SURVIVE like me like I said before you cant survive on your own you need to depend and trust other people to help you simply leaving or killing everyone in group wont work one day you WILL be trapped by zombies or outgunned by bandits no madder what your score on the test is no madder how intelligent you are you NEED a team of people you can trust to survive... As for the family question thats just ridiculous you posted only the cons and not the pros where are you going to go during the outbreak? Example My Uncle owns a huge ranch that my whole family goes to every Christmas its about a 2 hour drive out of the city ding...right there a place where you and your family can rally up and protect each other dont you feel better and more comfortable now your surrounded by your loved ones and not complete strangers who might shoot you in the head in your sleep? I have 2 brothers that served army Im very close to them now I have 2 people I grew up with that has combat training my survival chance just grew. Having no family or friends esp in an outbreak will make you go mad you have nobody to love nobody to trust nobody to rely on that seriously effects a person emotional health. When traveling why not use a car that has enough gas to get where your going? not 100% of the city's traffic will be jammed and locked if thats what your implying you could also drive on the side walk or the grass or thru alleyways come on people use your head the only places that would be completely gridlocked is maybe very busy highways and im talking about VERY busy highways cars are also good for escaping bandit ambushes I doubt it would be a good idea to use your legs and bikes all the time cars requires gas but humans require stamina and stamina will run out sooner or later no madder how many miles you can run you could also use a horse or a helicopter...another thing dont always eat canned food you need to eat 3 meals a day veggies,fruit,protein,bread milk and juice(you get the point) just because an outbreak started doesn't mean you should "only eat so you dont feel hungry" you need to be in shape to run from zombies to fight people trying to kill you if you dont eat right you become fatigue and wont be able to run or walk for miles anymore or from zombies you should also find free time to work out and become stronger.
It is true the person is dead after reanimation but what about BEFORE reanimation BEFORE the person turns into a zombie theres still a chance to shoot yourself with a cure just like cutting off bitten fingers or hand and last part of my rant is the zombie free place...where is this place?
is it a small abandoned island but big enough to farm make houses and perhaps build a small city with 0% population? hell yes im going to risk going there with my family and other people with the right tools enough resources and a good plan to get there if theres no risk theres no reward also We could just take a plane over there and then a helicopter when close and safe enough and a zombie disease is not your only problem you also have to worry about infections flus and other deadly illnesses before the outbreak
and no im not sorry for the long post :P