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Aug 5, 2010 | 9:36 AM EDT

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test is not fucking easy!



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The sky is not blue. It only appears that way due to the distortion of sunlight by the gases in the atmosphere. Also, zebras are not the only black and white striped animals. So, you fail. The correct answer is 0.

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Author comment is a lie

That was very simple, very easy, and kinda sad.
There should at least be a time limit, but even then it would just be a test of reflexes.
I suggest the creator plays some other idiot tests games and get a better idea of what they're about.
It's not supposed to be difficult only to -actual- idiots y'know...


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Far too easy

This is really a idiot test because it was very easy, however I do like the layout, it looks so much more professional than those standard flash quizzes.

And I noticed that a lot of people said no on "is the sky blue" , sure its only the sun that makes the sky LOOK blue, but than again, the sun is what makes everything look like the color they are

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My sky is not blue so I clicked no.....wth! xD

Nice test.....extreeeemely hard! :D


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This test was really easy until the last question that was wrong. The sky is infact not blue. It's the sun that makes it look that way or something like that.

To easy and failing.

3/10 for the nice layout.