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Jul 31, 2010 | 6:33 PM EDT

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Leo and Satan meet John the milkman today.

Edit: Thank you so much for the input people, I really appreciate it :)



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what the f@#$ was that shit

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are you serious?

please don't steal the names of good work especially if you dont use more than 10 minutes to do it

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This is bad really and if this review gets delted again fine BUT IT will still sucks
The blam buttion never looked so good to click

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next time you make a submission dont use the title of another series when viewers see the title and then they see pretty bad animation that does not involve the series at all your score will completley drop so please make your own video next time.


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Really? REALLY?

This video... Is utter crap! I can't seem to explain it better than that.. But I'll try. As I watched I realized the chances and possibilities of me liking this video. Ahem. The chances of me liking this video is as possible as you getting laid in the next 24 hours. There is a higher chance of me shitting my pants and burping at the same time than liking this piece of an insult to all that is art. Now, my brain is scarred. You've managed to scar my brain and their is a higher chance that a scar on a brain mite heal then me even consider to "liking" this. I want to continĂșe,but their is a higher chance m bot mite delete this, then there is... To me liking this...%u2022Burn and rot - danicos

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