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Jul 25, 2010 | 8:57 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place July 26, 2010

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EDIT (August 16 2011) Suited just one the "Best Animation" award in Hollywood (Los Angeles) at the ITVfest 2011!

It's the New Suited!

This film was fully made in flash, so no 3D, no After Effects, etc. So sit back, put on your 3D-glasses, and eat your popcorn! (wearing 3d-glasses may not result in anything at all)

Oh, and there are plenty of parodies hidden in this film. Can you spot them all?


Many thanks to all the people who helped making this episode! After more then 5 months of developing and animating I stayed sane thanks to you!

Directed and Animated by: Niels Beekes
Voices by: Eddie Bowley (Eddache) and Alison Stark
Additional animation by: Arjan Dekker (jack-mace) and Sam Green (master-samus)
Additional design by: Pixelcake and Ginny Higerd

(more detailed credit list at the end of the film)



Rated 3 / 5 stars August 2, 2010

was sort of bland

i like the art and everything is pretty well done, but the humor is a little to dry for me. The art is pretty good now just work alittle bit on the writing.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars August 2, 2010


lol, The lucky hero gene XD


Rated 5 / 5 stars August 2, 2010


You keep trucking out those animations,
and we can all sleep safe and sound at night!


Rated 2 / 5 stars August 2, 2010

.... that was really stupid

i didnt laugh at anypoint during the cartoon. maybe this would be nice for a little kid show cause i guess its cute and stuff but to newgrounds its just not funny at all. although i like the animation i mean its pretty profectional, just wasnt entertaining


Rated 4 / 5 stars August 2, 2010

Almost-quite there-professinal work

The humor can make you smile but didn't make me chuckle. It's cute, but the timing of the humor are off at times.

Animation (8/10) It's pseudo-professional. This is in the line of the good animations I've seen here. How about trying to get the same animation quality as "Pucca", "SkunkFU" or "Yin Yang Yo"-- "KID vs KAT" perhaps? Something like that.

CHAR. DESIGN (9/10): Character design is good. All of them are wonderful. Sarah has got to be my favorite. Nothing like a sexy spy woman to make your day.

The design needs work, though. Sarah's arm and legs look like that of a puppet's. Hopefully, you can work on that and make it look seamless when she bends.

BG DESIGN (8/10): I give points for using textures. Not using them makes the backgrounds and plain and boring like every flash animation I've seen here. Using gradients does not count as texture. The Drawquest backgrounds look superb, the city looks isn't. For example... Eugene's home. All were too bright. I think you shoud work the contrast of colors there--like the designs you did in the dungeon level. Best bg scenes got to be the dungeon and the Spy HQ.

VOICE: (7/10) Is it me or does Suited sounds like Mickey? Voice acting need work too. Eugene and the old guys is an example. I feel that they restrain themselves while they talk. I think of the old man's voice needs to be a bit more hoarse. As for Eugene, get reference on how to voice acting from the orange nerd in "DISPICABLE ME". Sarah has the most interesting voice in this show. In the scene where she dresses like an elf, I think she needs to sound more sexier and alluring for it to work. Another thing, when they talk loudly, their voice quality gets iffy.

My advise is that the your voice talents should train more in conveying more feeling their lines.

SOUND FX (5/10): Most of them feel weak. Most of the sfx I heard here had their volumes lowered way to low. Are you using a headphone while making this? It should aid in adjusting the volume for every sound.

MUSIC (8/10): I think you should work on the mood the music should convey in every scene. Like in the dungeon where Eugene is fighting the dragon, The music should have been a bit louder. I don't like the rock music when Suited was in the dungeon. In the most part, the music is good. Keep working on it. :)

P.S. If you want to improve the humor here, I think you should think of the timing and build up of the joke. That should work.

Overall (on average.): 7.5

EH, I'll make it 8 then :)