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From Within

rated 3.94 / 5 stars
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Jun 14, 2002 | 5:18 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 15, 2002

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Author Comments

An emotional Radiohead video set to the song Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Update: wow, i never knew i would get the daily feature, this means a lot to me, thankyou all! especially john and zwingo, thanks =D



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Good movie dude, very very artistic, you express the person's feeling pretty damn well. And good choice on the song, pretty kickass, graphics were very stylistic. Couple spots where it could have been a bit better, but that's made up for with other parts where it just totally kicked ass. Good job man, funny replies btw to some of the idiot reviewers that have no fucking lives (:

Affinitia responds:

lol, dude the guy that reviewed this after you.. ummm... "Kluggyy" is such a dork... he didn't put a tital on his review so i cant reply to what he said... oh but i'll reply to him somehow.... what i thought about his review was that he is a fool... and the best he could do was calling it trash... i mean c'mon, he didn't even put any effort into his review... most people that give me 0's cuss me out and stuff but he just called it trash... that must mean he likes to hump sandwiches!..... oh hey! i loved your review man =D its good to see some nice reviews, thanks for the review dude!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

excellent job : )

That was a beautiful movie.....I finally found out why they weren't sending me the's because they were! Just at another account :P. Well, anyway, keep up the great work :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Work Man

Dude... Good movie... I had a lot of soul put into it.. It was profound. Good... Just ignore people that say dumb things... They bring you down, they're not worth their weight in salt.

-Marques... Shit Son... I saw your favorite movie... Dude... that was some homosexual bullshit if I've ever seen any


Rated 0 / 5 stars


whine .. "OMG MY LIFE IS SO S0X, I WANT TO DIE" ..

Wtf, alot of us have totaly shitty lifes .. who the fuck cares, do something about it if you want to change it.

Didn't like the movie btw.

Music sounded ok, but I'm kinda tired, and I like trance .. so wtf ..

Affinitia responds:

My life is not "SOX"... i mean, what the heck does sox mean? i wear sox and they are black, i only wear black sox because i'm not a homosexual like you! Caress me if i'm wrong? but do i know you? i hope not cuz i'll like all pimp my sk8board all over your neighborhood fool! oh yeah dude.. i don't want to die, you are such a moron, that movie wasn't even about me, yes i made it, but no i am not going to kill myself or anything.. you know, its people like you that need to be shipped off to guatemala and be eaten by the cannibals, because i saw that movie that you liked, and i thought it sucked because you are gay and only gay people like movies that suck.... i'm just rambeling now... dude you need to go get some help, you seem mentally unstable, perhaps i will help you by making more movies so people will think i am a psycho and tell me to go do drugs you fool! i don't care what you think about my movie, but when you say stuff about me that isn't even true i have to draw the line... see, i don't want to die and i never will.. because unlike you i have morals, i have a purpose.. but mainly i have Jesus Christ and i will live for Him until i die... evolution is a stinking lie and your mother has brown hair, and i think that you wore yello shorts with a white shirt when you reviewed this... i'd like to see you make a movie better then mine... go waste 28 hours on something that way i can review it and tell you how much you are an idiot for being gay!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

get some help

Well first off you need to get some help. Second off you need to draw a little better. You're lucky that was Radiohead or i wouldnt have given you such a good score. What cd is that from? I have almost all there cd's and i dont have that one. Uhm....keep on truckin!