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Taboo Snaps

rated 3.56 / 5 stars
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Jul 16, 2010 | 12:27 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Snap real photos of hundreds of sexy models. Like Pac-Man with hotties instead of dotties!

I hope you like it! It's a nutty little game but everyone says it's genuinely fun to play, way better than the typical naughty games out there. The pictures are fantastic. I encourage people to put it on their own site or upload it to any portal you like. See the "download" button in the game's options screen (click the little gear) for that. Cheers from Australia, Matt

Hey I am reading all the reviews and comments. NG is the first place I submitted this to and it's the #1 for plays, w00t, so please leave any comments or PMs or email or whatever you want to do. I totally want to make the game better, add more excellent pix to this game, and make more good games. Ovcourse I also recomment you move onto my home site to keep playing Taboo Snaps as you get more options for sexier pix. ;) But I love NG and really appreciate all the plays and feedback so far, keep it coming guys, you rok!

PS: Also I want to give props to Shaun Campbell the artist! I share revenue with him directly so he's not on the NG credits but just sayin.



Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 5 / 5 stars

its nice

but freezes alot

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DigitalCream responds:

Hi XXBlade--

Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you like it. Bummer that it freezes on you though. Does it freeze permanently, or just slow down a while, then keep going? When I run Firefox long enough all my browser windows get less and less responsive till I restart them. It's not even Taboo Snaps that causes it, it happens anyway. When Firefox slows down, all Flash games start to really freeze up. It's a bummer. Let me know more about how yours freezes so I can look into it to make sure it's nothing I can fix.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good, very good

The first time i payed this game, it looks like i was in the titties heaven. And of course i come back for more and more. It doesnt get boring. this game is like cocaine or heroine, addicting ( no i am not using drugs, drugs are for people who ruined their lives and have no friends either money ).

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DigitalCream responds:

Thanks a lot for the great review, Laz! I'm glad you like it so much. Ya, so many of the pix are so good, awesome tits included. :) I know what you mean about it being addicting. A little bit of my brain just goes ding when I see a beautiful naked woman. It's chemistry. Woo hoo, free natural drugs!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


A great concept, with a good pac man style fun, made me dun on those sewers like crazy to get those chicks :D
too bad theres a game play limit --'
Anyway, you're trying to make your money, i wont reduce your points for that :P

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DigitalCream responds:

Thanks for the great review, Firebrand! Glad you like the game. Also thanks for understanding about the game play limit... maybe NG will want to license the full unlocked version, and if so, I'll put it here. If you go to my site (click the button for it at the end of the game) you can play more, and with hotter pix. ;) But I don't want to divert traffic from Newgrounds so only do that once you've played everything you like on this wonderful site. ;)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

like the idea

... but the girls take their freakin time. make them go to the huts more often. jus sayin.

DigitalCream responds:

Thanks for the good review, fleetfox! I'm glad you like it. Heh, the girls do tease you a bit not going to the huts, hey? If you take all their shots in other locations, though, they have no choice but to go home and take off their clothes for you. ;) Also, have you been eating the mushrooms in the tunnels? That speeds up the whole game. Eat three or four and I guarantee the girls will scoot around faster than you can keep up with all the shots! Five mushrooms is fully insane. I prefer three. Anyway, definitely eat them up. The game gets very zippy and since the monsters turn into drops when you take a snap, it's a great way to get lots more drops, so you can take a lot more shots in the huts. You also get lots more score, which gives you powerups. Enjoy, and write me anytime if you want to know more. Cheers from Australia, Matt