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Jul 13, 2010 | 10:41 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 14, 2010

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Author Comments

Bubble Tanks Arenas (BTA) is a spin off of the traditional Bubble Tanks series. We created it to develop and test out some powerful new features that someday will be implemented in the upcoming Bubble Tanks 3!

Rather than being able to move freely around the world, in BTA you can fight in Arenas, series of Bubblefields filled with enemies. That's alright, but what makes it awesome is that you can create your own tanks and arenas! You can design your own avatar tanks, enemy tanks, and arenas as well as search to see what other players have created. If you're worried about quality, don't fret: Hero Interactive will constantly be making new Arenas for you to try out!

This game has been long in development and a massive undertaking- by far the largest game we've ever coded. We hope you all enjoy it!

Tutorials are listed in-game. All keyboard commands can be configured via Settings.
Don't forget when in an Arena that pressing 'P' will pause and open up more options!



Rated 5 / 5 stars July 13, 2010

"lol i made a penis tank"

"lol i made a penis tank"

best review ever (I am reviewing that review)

HeroInteractive responds:

At least the 10 still comes back to us. ;) Thanks!


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 16, 2010

great game

its very interactive I didnt expect to be able to make your own enemies as well!

MY Tank:b183d7e1647826f4ac87bdebfaa38edf 25be81f51434167b8018212eab3af5c14ba67 5422ca2e06b6a1b5cbf6d6cd0b4d7b78c2deb 640fa17aa12dba23eb16f8304bda1b258ce92 04e71194af9eec2ad22e71806a05e21e5224b e6fbd240451847bad5561c1abf60f2179eb9c 8b4e87cd545ab303a8ecd0c486802135ceedc aa85f510eac21b32684151aa0224080bd2346 7f5dd677ffc65b80d89c130b58c7405447641 e664855cef7bd674ceff4e8c0f2510c071ebc 5707fc0d12b40d3bdc3142e595a1c16e0fb65 8b72806a16ab9d65c110b4ba9652db2492897 26f1c2b1f33e05a6e180e271d4f22f60c6b7b 33ff42a3fb5f1771956351a4a96e4ea69fbcb 5fb3c7e1616ee163767d3d81a23c6d69b18eb 85606ec612cfee737d149b39ec65e2b84252b a9830b70f708b99a0d5ed2ef70b35da9a06d8 cfa7e89db0065a3a6290706022eb9bc25096b f51d122f54e5878f00c43a8b3da0d3abb565c c927f18e17540b1ab33e74235b84a65897324 14c4a50a05193f98d63c3ff8c24a1fc7a3682 6a0c590926b101d1f2f195fce14cfc7ee827a f1ebbe3938ddba0a2934030e2485c8726c19f 74965861f9aac0ccbe2784d96d655979f0104 335f9b4bc3612c3dba7267e0c7b8a20744152 d3cd611783a3a8499ff71880c04b916765602 b674788586fb456db2b020a1e7bd6bcd9fd17 e18ac0cae45f739c5c8f24bcf054f6cc7bf32 fced52179027703de05e33cb0e6e4bddd6ecf 7f0eb486bf586e91d80b246ecc531c1d2e625 9920e701626ad7f77a02d1ad8c924aec4cc7f 82c155ec38f79d527f40c307a24d97f10f5c0 021f15c9e6a82b499423239af36512f147142 c86280d171d8ac6f09de88a1a427832cf1507 bc1a561271a7c5992a9b6f3e2c1e335fc5c69 846564830959d6f5aa5ff16bfa5d30290a189 fd62cc18cba60ade30cc61f1f4cdea76b8af6 96e5a26fd55ea2c7c7d49433a192e1d183d96 dc807d8bc72deab31c2ee67887fc7b8906f0f d21e06fd459965c486189aeca82003ae3105e c97c0c073d3dcd126ea66f4b7288a78f8661b a27998a0b033ca502bbea43db8f5dca7a6d05 851acb6087ab8e343ed68d33e0a4794a55642 13cbc9d2560d9dd25d4d18f5794b6c90696dd d461496742afcf99c6e43f1de80a732600857 4c827ba23624b6714b08a94632e2f6ad9a172 a1f5746f0091eb64ac6eccb769f26a72a3ca3 bbeb9bb1cdf8127ca25f124e3d295c5afcd85 ff89ae076564ad898e009ac34698c882ba565 23345df1820f69b79a34c0d3a30dca03a5785 e87a7391ddef497f0972eeb5256884a7fe19e 600b98a73f62c073dcd6b4b568895afa38ead ed423af1d2bf7eea6f7eb3dd4a43ba3d9a328 ef5ab2411af040bd8a3b7c7d01563ad53b54a bc664313411df7d6bfbfae572935470f82ec4 94f626e5e1fcaf89457cbf0bdf2b8c9d3a35e 836e1a727e002f1488aa49df332f694164e1f f10abcf59da1b7dbe88bda088b2a79d9cb570 a95ec77b1b25bc8e6fcedc8775e22a31982f0 fb09bb32a5fb41151dc48c588bf27d5d89b1b 01c6084d6a6d4ad42bae6ee15fd0b91621b7b 1f45e64918ce4746c43dd008d20e2e30773f0 ebae1d25132a5e6ee8ca086379a4d05450b39 6ac709c86c9a4e07830265468d4a3f3557571 657be95424de01e8bc599ce550910d9cad9bc 80e7ceccb3a1b5e937e48862b3439ab30d3a5 a87517cd9ba50d090b3d3e3fc0fb82581c960 1ad253a6485c5c21d9d224ff0e0d6b247d97a 6fe9673fe92398a5e723d43cf06b7e0b61b66 dc6aae741b4d0465f6dd134657315ae9e06d6 aabf41a7a605891220a827ac2a48fcaa7216e 835d419303cc660efbc16cb5313514f20479d e34be3989f75fbb77e1fed2a1dbc441d46bb4 d9f02c62ac70240abef0e2fc99adb0df2a5eb 41dd59def9387fc3c10bab063fa8800d85a5c 2447abefb6de5f5ec02b0dd8e6b4bc0e3da98 6ceb3d8893ba9e24a97f2bf8f18716808688f 49ad2ab946bbfb8b2dfd8657f8537e30b4a8d d0a5a4f27b5397d0be8406ad0f5126f1e8e29 57a57dd5bb637d50e13331834b7f29d44c12a e9660b4b829c20d2dc0a647b73704440743ea 7f7c88c0a53d19207fdca2a1389eea2618e0e c9f9eedc69870365a106144e7001ee572ecfe 4f5ec814411d9291aa05c4568cd3b516ec3aa e65b3b3f7d1817f81a274c976dffc87cb0d1e 83879998476de4374466cbc0abb9410c96907 9a6027e5db74643c4b434799a0ef938e7306b 63e1ddb2ef302727af1faf8ba48e380f40f43 7c8d9e32d94975d9082b68e7b547cc1bc5c92 d647c0038209eb77b282d9183adc93807590a 7577be770225a1f3d2b5e7fe3773e08adb7cf c42a125448144774044a7bbe8dbbae16b5e75 7144f1ec414ce6a299fb43444ec630679926e 29d20879b2dd374dd2da662742


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 16, 2010

i like this

i lyk ths but it is too hard for me .. sorry ^^


Rated 5 / 5 stars December 30, 2013

guys its perfect game i like it and in Search Tanks option make the Hero Interactive tanks not showing, click NO and then on Author Name type Marcineek newgrounds so its my file i vote it 10/10! very easy


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 13, 2010


But I'm sooo waiting for BT3! Do you have any idea when it'll be ready? :D

HeroInteractive responds:

Not yet, I expect sometime around Christmas. Hopefully before the end of the year.