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Jul 12, 2010 | 12:17 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 13, 2010

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Back To Life 5 Points Recover some strength
The Heart Of Man 10 Points Become a full human
Walking Again 10 Points Get your legs back
More Than A Man 25 Points Grow small wings
The Call Of The Beast 50 Points Become the beast
Speed Run 100 Points Complete the game in 15 minutes or less
True Protector 100 Points Restore the fountain's flow

Author Comments

EDIT: Fixed a couple bugs and tweaked difficulty. Fixed the Speed Run medal.
WARNING MAC USERS: I've had reports of inputs not working on Firefox 2 on the mac, if that happens try more recent browsers or safari.

Hello people!
PixEvo is a retro-styled platformer game where you explore the game world and collect pixels to evolve into better forms with more abilities to reach new places and collect all the pixels and save the world, ATARI-STYLE! haha

It's a small project I wanted to make and I'm glad it's finally out, it has 8-bit music that I made as well so I hope you enjoy it :D



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

No saves + Medals doesn't work. Ruined it for me.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

My only gripe with this game is that it can punish your mistakes pretty hard, considering how slow the main character moves. That being said, the negative reinforcement teaches you quickly to memorize a map's layout.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best flash game I have played this month. Despite the simplicity it still delivered more entertainment that a lot of other games here. I would love to see a sequal or other games of the "Evo" genre, Good job!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Graphics: A nice retro them,rating on retro graphics,their not much you can do,it retro.

Sound:One track plays throughout the entire game, surprising like enough,it doesn't get redundant and complements the retro style,as with Graphics,not much to say.

Gameplay: Now this is where PixEvo shines,in its nice sold gameplay,that is nothing but insanely hard.You first start out as a pixel,your objective: Collect other Pixels,simple enough.Expect you can't walk,your only way to get around in by jumping.After jumping around and finding 4 pixels that are within you grasp,you evolve,into a bigger shape.Now here's where in gets hard,with your bigger mass you can jump harder,but its hard to distinguish which pixels are within your grasp,and which are not.After collecting enough pixels,you evolve again,this time you grow legs.Now with your increased mobility (such as the ability to walk!),you now have more pixels within you range.The difficulty spikes again,as previously stated,its hard to tell which ones you can reach.After running and jumping to collect more pixels you grow yet again.You are now a complete human.Now here's where shit hits the fan,now you can jump pretty high and walk.What makes it so hard is that their are more pixels to find just like every time you evolve.It may not have been so apparent before,but now it should be clear that its designed so that you can ONLY reach the a certain number of pixels per form,as you don't know which one you can or can't reach just by looking,its very frustrating,so you just have to try,try and try again until you reach or give up and decide you can't reach it yet.Eventually you lose your hands for a nice pair of wings,after evolving.Now I'd say the game spikes in both fun and difficulty.I'm not going to go in depth now,as it retains in previous aspects of gameplay.When you have enough pixels,you evolve for the final time.This time into a "flying beast",with the ability to blast down doors with a breath attack of some sort.Now the game is as easy as just blasting down a couple of doors and getting you pixels,this time they are needed to become strong enough to revive the fountain.Now,that you have the pixels,go the the fountain,by going trough a short and easy maze, ( I don't quite remember how you get their,but its just a simple matter of looking around).Now you watch your well deserved ending.One that,I must say,dose it justice and is really satisfying.
Verdict:Now I know this is more of a "what happens",that a review,but being what is,you have to go trough all the aspects to do a complete review.All in all an very fun game,with good music,nice gameplay,which amazes me by the way that it increases it's difficulty.It really deserves this then,and I hope the author is proud. (for all the people who may read the FULL review:Thanks! For those who just skipped to the verdict or didn't read it at all,well I can't blame you,can I?)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

I felt that this game was pretty well thought out. Despite the 8-bit graphics and music, it was pretty enjoyable. However, like the other users mentioned, in the early stages it is difficult to establish whether a pixel is unattainable currently or just requires a better jump. Also once I reached the beast stage it was too easy; the only challenge left was to locate all 128 pixels. Even the maze portion was too easy; most rooms were unlocked with a single try at the lever; only 2 rooms required 2 tries. Overall, a pretty good submission.