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Jul 9, 2010 | 3:46 PM EDT

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Eric Holder is the Attorney General of the United States. He does not follow the rule of law and insists on promoting the Obama agenda through legal means. He files a lawsuit against Arizona for upholding federal immigration law while not choosing to prosecute Rhode Island which has had similar laws in place for many years. He does not choose to prosecute cities in the United States that openly accept illegal immigrants.

He dismisses a case that had already been decided involving a black panther committing overt voter intimidation in 2008.

At one point in time, he wanted to seek internet censorship.

The mainstream media will not question the authority.



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Eric Holder Sucks Donkey

Eric Holder raided Gibson Guitars with armed goons on utterly baseless grounds. Eric Holder is an insane fascist who will stop at nothing to destroy American industry and ingenuity.

I found this video while surfing, and joined this site for the sole purpose of supporting this video and bringing people's attention to the pure suckiness of Eric Holder's most recent act of treason.


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just wow

thinking this will be removed


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It's good to see what some people feel about other people...


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so does this submission

Look dude, good for you for having an opinion, but maybe you should put your time an effort into finding a better way to protest the way he does his job then making a lame and childish animation that will, undoubtedly, be removed.


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You get a 10 simply for the Wesley Willis. If not for him, 0.