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Jul 9, 2010 | 2:39 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 10, 2010

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This game was made possible by a grant from the Digital Media & Learning Competition. The goal was to make a truly educational game that was also genuinely fun to play. We hope students, teachers, and gamers will all enjoy the game, and encourage you to visit, which will soon have an open forum and eventually downloadable teacher materials.

The game was designed by Anthony Pecorella. The lead programmer was larsiusprime of Super Energy Apocalypse fame, and the art was by LILg, who created the Reincarnation series. A custom soundtrack was created by Hibiki Haruto.

Also thanks to Dr. Jed Macosko at Wake Forest University and Dr. David Dewitt at Liberty University for providing lots of support and biological guidance.

Thanks so much for the support and kind words - this has already exceeded my hopes in terms of a response for the game! :-D

This game can be processor intensive. There are some options in the menu for reducing the graphics that may help.

***Fixes in v1.0.1***
- Fixed issue in final level with some buttons suddenly no longer functioning.
- Fixed membrane explosion when recycling membrane quickly.
- Possibly fixed fatty acid glitch in Level 3
- Fixed two typos

There is still an issue with getting stuck too far outside of the colored area. Solution - don't go out there. :) It's a somewhat complicated fix, so I'm not sure if we'll get it in or not, but it's the easiest to avoid too.



Rated 5 / 5 stars July 10, 2010

Haha! A wonderful game.

Let me go ahead and state that I did not play this game knowing it would be educational, nor did that appeal to me at all. Not that I don't enjoy learning, but most educational games are inferior to standard ones in terms of fun.

I enjoyed this game very much! There are plenty of levels, and each level feels pretty different from the last, since there's something new added so often. The game is a bit complicated at first, but I welcomed the challenge and was rewarded with a similar feeling I had when I finally got the hang of Dwarf Fortress.

Actually, the game being more complex than most games was probably an unintentional side effect of making it educational. Like, would a game developer normally put in so many different kinds of resources, and would they make how each one works differently, rather than, say, Gold - mined from mines, Wood - cut from trees, Food - Grown from farms?

The game trusts the player to pay attention to how each organelle works, what functions they provide, and even to know how the enemy viruses work. With the dumbening down of games to cater to the mainstream (*cough, WoW and EA games, cough*, I found the small bit of complexity very pleasant.

The game itself is wonderful. The idea is great, the storyline is quirky and works well. It's just a pleasure to play.

Now, even if this game wasn't educational, I would probably still give it a ten, since it's the best game on NG I've played in a while. However, this game reminded me that I had a terrible biology teacher and helped what remnants I remembered of biology come together. That class was a little confusing, and it's been a few years! When I finally finish this game (don't get me wrong, I played a large ways through so I could give an accurate review, but the game is (pleasantly!) lengthy.), I'll be able to take with me a better reinforced grasp of biology. That's a good feeling to have. While every game certainly shouldn't be made educational (although I'd love to see more similar in scale), what I would like to see many more game developers do is treat the player like a person.

Overall, I found the game very enjoyable. The fact it was educational was mostly just a nice extra feature to me, as I have no interests working in biology. However, there is certainly an audience who would merit the educational value of Cellcraft much higher than me. More than anything, I enjoyed the game because of the small amount of complexity that is present here that is depressingly absent out of the huge majority of games, even similar strategy games. I only hope this game gets some of the attention it deseves.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars July 13, 2010

robot bad

evil robot


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 18, 2010

how is this posible?

A educational game that's both fun and informative? this is a masterwork in flash form!

Really hope to see more like this.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars July 26, 2010

Wonderfull, and pretty dern accurare.

I would recomend this game to anyone having issues in their biology classes :]


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 15, 2010

very interesting

kept my interest for quite a long time, great game for learning and quite an addicting game to play aswell

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