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Jul 7, 2010 | 7:04 PM EDT

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This is part 2 go watch part 1 first /portal/view/541561

My first comic project of this length, It was done within 5 weeks and I didn't wanna do anything too over the top. Don't take the whole thing seriously and if youre looking for something deep or meaningful you wont find it.
It is what it is, I hope some may enjoy it.

Cause of the file size it had to be divided in 2 parts.

Warning: Contains Cartoon Porn, if you are easily offended by that you shouldn't look through it!


Navigate with "Left" and "Right" arrow keys.
"O" to set the current page to his original size.
"R" to fit the current page to the window border.

You can click and drag each page.
You can zoom in/out with the +/- on the number pad.
Its easier to read it you click on the "expand" option.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

changed your mind huh?

at the 13ยบ page there is a twist where instead of taking the girl to the car, he had actually killed himself earlier, to me it looks like you got lazy, i got pretty much disaponted because i would like to see how it would end, but other than that and the lack of porn , i love this comic really really hard.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i enjoyed it!!!
you use papers exept movies
thats gud


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

give some warning next time

Okay, I feel like this comic had a real abrupt change of pace. First, could you give warning that this porn containes rape? I'm not easily offended, but rape goes into a different category, you know?

A few issues I had with the narrative... Well the protagonist is doing things that would violate most readers' moral code, so you have to really make readers sympathize with him. Perhaps more character development? Like, I wasn't really rooting for the protagonist, so the ending may not have gotten the reaction you wanted from readers? Also, the dialogue is a little stiff and not that realistic for the situation. Otherwise, your art style is still really good and I liked the plot for the most part. I think if you worked on pacing and character development you could make some more compelling pieces.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

not much of a rape fan, but

the art was very creative, nothing ive seen before, pretty good stuff, and the story kept me interested. so all that being said, including the fact i am not a fan of rape, i give it the score i put down.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good and Not Good

(Please note that this review contains some information that makes it a "spoiler".)

What is good about it is the drawing style and artistry. The clicking through one frame at a time is a novel way of letting the comic unfold. The story is simplistic and formulaic, which isn't a bad thing for a comic. But the way the story unfolds is what separates great comics from average comics like this one.

From what I can tell, the comic is supposed to have shocking and exploitative content, so one shouldn't be too surprised as the story unfolds and becomes more violent. But when I read through this I couldn't help but think about 1950's horror comics, and there is one way in which they suceed in telling a good story that this comic fails: most of the "horror" is implied. It is left to our imagination. This comic is so graphic that the "moral" of the story is lost in the images, and he moral comes off as a tacked-on justification for the graphic depiction of rape. Pulp fiction novels from the 1950's period allowed themselves to be more graphic with the depiction of depraved acts, but never to the extreme that your visuals take it to. There's a line between tawdry storytelling and pornography, and in my opinion that line was crossed. It's a shame, because I liked the look and artistry of the comic.

What is saddest to me is the number of people who read the comic and thought, "cool a naked chick with big boobs having sex," and not minding at all that she is being tortured and raped. That is explotative storytelling. I cannot understand the mindset of such people, and something tells me I do not want to either. (Roger Ebert said as much in his review of "I Spit on Your Grave," and what he said in the 1970's is still true today.)

In sum, your artistic skills are there. The ability to effectively tell a story is not. If you really want to tell a shocking tale with a moral, I would suggest finding some of the old 1950's horror comics and pulp ficiton, where a lot of that horror is left unseen to develop in the mind of the reader. Use that as research and inspiration to tweak your storytelling ability.

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