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Jul 7, 2010 | 11:28 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 8, 2010

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Hey babies. Is Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz back? You bet your fat ass.

In this installment, Mickey schedules a meeting with The Boss to try to get June and Eric fired as tension amongst the WGJ4K crew begins to escalate.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


What? No. No, that's not...I don't know what to make of this. The dynamic between Mickey and the boss is good, the P@TD jokes are good, but I mean...this just isn't good. Most of it is just boring drivel with an oddly chosen lexicon and an uninspired story. Sorry dude, this entire series has so much untapped potential. OH, but the theme song is awesome. AWESOME. So there's that.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I say to you, MEH

As always everything else is great, that includes graphics and sounds. All of the jokes since three have been absolutely terrible. This does not pass as a comedy anymore. If you're out of good jokes, just stop making these.

To all of you who say "10/10!!! IT MADE MI DAY" just tell us what was to funny about that, because I apparently can't find the hilarity anymore.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


Animation- Always great A+
Style-Yours and yours alone A+
Theme-F We know he's a prick don't need to draw that point out over every episode.
Sync/voice- Awesome A+
Plot-F The title says one thing but the flash never delivered.
Overall- C-

I watched this hoping you had some great material to show us after sonic/mario episode......kept watching.......and as credits and scary cat where through I felt empty xD
Well I myself know Mic is a prick and well this felt like some kind of jap/anime filler episode where the characters do random flashbacks and go no where with development of story. But in this one it was the same thing with out the flashbacks. It's clear you hit a brick wall or are "trying" to build up to some other episode god forbid you do episodes where you try and develop June and Eric like this one.
This happens allot with a great series, one or two flash's and you build a fan base next thing you know your scraping the crud from the bottom of the barrel trying for anything to make next episode great.
As for all the people saying they crapped their pants/ rolling on floor laughing at Mic spitting in boss's doesn't take much to make you laugh. Sure I too have weird fits of laughter but nothing in this episode made me laugh nor chuckle.

The intro says he's against his will in a prison like show however none except first episode go into that with little detail so is he kidnapped into show or is this some dead end job Mic works at or not?
Really need to figure out what your doing with WGJ4K. Last get some outside help to story write b/c you have IMO hit that brick wall.

Everything besides story writing is brilliant keep up the great work, but please get someone to help you on story writing. I know its hard enough doing everything but try it out. What maybe funny to you and some is more then likely not to many.
Really liked when Mic reviewed lord of the flies that was gold.

6/10 -4 for poor story.
5/for talent and animation

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


...end on a strong joke.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


meh.. it was okay i guess