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Adventure - Other

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Jul 5, 2010 | 3:32 PM EDT

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Traveler 5 Points Enter a portal.
Excavator 10 Points Collect at least 6 artifacts.
Repeat Visitor 10 Points Make at least 10 visits to Looming.
Archaeologist 25 Points Collect at least 18 artifacts.
Binary Abacist 50 Points Collect all of the tally beads.
Lithocryptologist 50 Points Collect all of the diagram pieces.
Lorem Archivist 50 Points Collect all of the Lorem tablets.
Priest of Science 50 Points Collect all of the Path rings.
Seecha Expert 50 Points Collect all of the Seecha rods.
Xenopaleontologist 50 Points Collect all of the Oarbor bones.
Perceptive Explorer Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Confidant Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

This game is about two lovers named January and September.
No, wait; it's about a group of people who don't believe in the sky.
No, it's about a pantheon of scientific disciplines.
Or maybe it's about an ancient beast who knew exactly when it was going to die, and how.

It's about a place. A place called Looming.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice game, has that creepy/surreal feeling to it

I liked the atmosphere of the game a lot. You said you were trying to make it a surreal game where the player gets all his information in a roundabout way, and you hit that nail on the head.

I think the only issue with it is that the "second signpost" clue can be a bit... off. I know that the second for you was the 5th one for me, and it took a while for me to go through them all to find it. I sort of wish there was a map too, maybe one the player could fill in as they visited the areas, or maybe just show the landmarks on the map, but I did get quite lost a couple of times and missed some pieces because I couldn't figure out if I'd already checked everything or not.

Of course, the point of playing th game was for the atmosphere, and that was done very well, so I don't think those other issues hurt this games standing with me at all, just little things I thought could be worked on is all. Great job though, sound effects, graphics, plot(s), they all were wrapped up in a nice little surreal box.

10/10, 5/5

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm Always Returning to Looming

I don't know what it is that kept me playing this purposely bare-bones adventure game, but this is something that, once you start, you definitely wanna finish because it looks so easy, but at times can be quite befuddling (I still can't make heads or tails of what the diagram means), and while it's a bit laborious collecting all of the artifacts, you can get them all (Lorem Tablet V is a bitch to find, so be sure to look east of the Math dome near the tunnel of spires).

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Confusion , anger, releaved, Secret medals? FUCKIT

Okay i have finally come to a conclusion that i hate hidden medals, WHAT HAVE I TO DO TO FIGURE THIS OUT, and this game isn't confusing as shit as is, no no, it wants to be the terminator of your brain to confuse and frustrate you, But this game is an addicting game none the less and that means its compelling to the player to finish what he started, even though i gave up after the signpost told me to go back to where the second secret signpost was hidden and go east till you find the off road and theres a signpost hidden south,,,, ok now if you found that signpost, 1 you have too much time, get laid and then get laid again, and 2 since option 1 wont happen play a fucking different game.

all in all my over all is

Graphics: 2 (pixel games cant go higher)

Story: 3-8 (cause i couldn't figure out what the story was at some points)

Game play: 5 (Directions and X is not a ideal game but it was good)

Fun: 9 (it just seemed so easy but wasn't)

Medals 7-8 (Good medals but secret medals should be taken out back and shot with a cig in its mouth)

you actually got a review.
So good for you i'm a picky player


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


reminds me off the old atari's


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyable.

You certainly nailed the learning about things indirectly, um... nail. A very well done game. I really liked the art style, as you mentioned, an hommage to 1-bit colour games. I would love to see another game in this gameplay style or even a sequel in which the player may explore beyond the fences. As for the endings, they were good, but I wish they had had a stronger tie to the themes explored in the game. I felt they wrapped-up rather than concluded.


Here are the games nine endings (In no particular order)

-Collect all six Path Rings, then head east on a path just north of the begining. There will be a building with a portal.

-Collect all six Tally Beads than head up the path you start on to the large cross. Head North-East until you see a sign post and a path. Go north up the path and take the first left. There's a wood triangle thing with a portal.

-Collect all six Oarbor Bones, than head north from where you start until you hit the fence, move south until the fence is just out of sight, than go west. You'll see some round egg sorta things, in the center of which is a portal.

- Immeadiately head south from the starting place to the portal.

-Walk about for awhile, than head to the portal metioned above.

-Take the path for the Tally Beads mentioned above, but keep straight on the path with the signpost. There will be a portal at the top.

- Take the path for the Tally Beads mentioned above, but read the sign post an follow it's instructions. (When it mentions the gears, they're way over on the west side, and there's a big on and a little one right next to each other)

- Visit each corner of Looming. Each has a hidden signpost that says "The (direction) star shines (direction). record each one. Then head over to the four lightposts. (To get there, head north at the beginning, west when you come to the cross, and then north when you see the buried gear) Each "star" corresponds to one of the four lightposts (southeastern is the bottom right one, etc.) Rotate the lightposts by pressing X in front of them so that they correspond to the "stars".

-Collect all six pieces of the shattered diagram. Go to the lightposts using the above method. Each corner of the diagram has a symbol which corresponds to a lightpost (The symbol in the upper left corresponds to the upper left lightpost, etc.) The diagram makes pretty clear which lightpost goes where.

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