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Jun 26, 2010 | 4:11 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 27, 2010

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Face the worst horrors in this demonic prison and try to escape at all costs! This is a Point and Click puzzle game, where you will need to use all your skills to get to your ultimate goal, Freedom!

Featuring more than 40 cuts-scenes, an intense background story, 16 different panels, dozens of puzzles, secret items and 3 alternative endings!!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

fuckin adds

they had me stuck for ever . but still a good game


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is a great game much better then the original

spacemariner, the name "sealed door" covers both the door And the vent, just click it and the character will do the actions too


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow, this is much better!

heh, one of the first strange things i noticed was in the watch tower, the head officer's portrait BLINKS if you watch it... thats kinda creepy. XD

very nice job with the endings, the romantic one was probably the best, i think... it just seems much more fitting, although the friendship one was kinda nice, too... but it has me wondering about what happened to magda in that one, you should've included her in that, as well...

i hope you make another one, but maybe it could be something different... what if we saw these events threw the eyes of magda or her lover?

it might be harder doing things from that perspective, but it'd be interesting, seeing how they went about getting everything ready, and what exactly happened to kalengo.

if kalengo's fate was revealed, i probably didnt see it, kinda tired after getting all the endings and secret items.

anyway, nice job with this one. :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great game far better than the first

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

An epic spine chiller.

I really enjoyed this game, it was an odd mix of mostly horror/comedy, with some of the main character's one liner's being funny, and chuppa, mostly being the comedy relief.

There were some definite improvements over the first game, better graphics, better story, more puzzles, not to mention the puzzles being more challenging as well, I feel these games need a good amount of puzzles and tricky ones, because it really pays off and feels rewarding to get past them. The characters also moved and looked more realistic. Also the game was longer too, thats a plus to me, and I think the prison was well designed for what it was, it had the right feel, the right amount of gore, it really felt like something horrible happened there, and the right feeling, I felt like something was going to jump out at me any minute and eat me.

Alot of people complain that the voice acting is cheesy in this AIH games, but that really doesn't bother me, I think the storyline, plot, graphics, and whats happening is enough to cover that small blemish, and the voice acting really isn't all that cheesy to me, I've heard way worse.

Like I said in the first game's review, you design some of the best monsters here, they are extremely scary, they are true beasts, something from the mouth of hell itself.

The main character's name is never revealed, why is that? And when your in the watch tower and click on the head officer's picture for the first time, I notice he blinks, why?

The watcher, it can only hear screams? It didn't hear the helicopter arriving and taking off? Or the main character screaming up to the pilot?

I'm curious which monster was the burner? I'm assuming the first one you killed off in the first game because its blood was acidic?

Will there be a part 3?

I agree with the whole necro/alchemy method, it takes a break from the Resident Evil/Secret lab scenario, as the story progressed, and some hints from the opening scene, it made sense to me that it was necromancy, and I could see no better way this time around, than some insane prisoner using necromancy and alchemy to turn people into beasts, with the help of the warden's wife, an extremely twisted, dark tale about two desperate people in love, doing what they can to be together, and getting sweet revenge in the process, I guess she really saw something in that prisoner, I love where this story line is going, its the perfect setup! What happened to the guy using necro/alchemy anyways? Mag cried for him at the end. Did Mag grow tired of the Warden she was with, and want revenge against him as well, and was just playing the main character about crying over him? I bet she was really crying over the necro using prisoner. Or was being with the warden a lie?

Also I can understand the Necro using prisoner getting revenge on all the guards for treating the prisoners like animals, but isn't that a bit contradicting to attempt to seal up the main character, also a prisoner, when he goes into the necromancy cell? Maybe it was just an unbiased magical security system, not trying to point fingers. And what happened to the gun the main character was carrying at the end of part 1? He never used it in one anyway.

Anyway enough criticizing, I think you made an awesome game, I enjoyed playing it, though I did get stumped on some of the more advanced puzzles, like using alchemy to get out of the prison cell, and had to use the walkthrough, it was still very fun and exhilerating. If you make part 3, instead of just giving a full blown walkthrough, which can be spoiling on some parts depending on what you tell us how to solve the puzzle, also establish a hint system in the 3rd game, I would really appreciate that. Yeah you can make the hint limit 3, and we should be wise to only use them when we are absolutely stuck, and only the truly dim-witted, who can't take a hint, should then ultimately refer to the walkthrough, no offense to you dim-witters out there, only a suggestion.

Thank you for the hard work.

10/10 Stars

5/5 Vote Panel

xVegetax, NG Portal Lieutenant.

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cicla responds:

Thanks for the great review and your curiosity, i'm glad you enjoy the game and the story :)

The flying beast, can only hear, thats why it attacks Magda when she is screaming to the pilot (and also cause in that moment the beast was in the basketball court, you can see it when you go to save chuppa) It doesn't attack the helicopter, cause it is eating while you are escaping (that one is the real ending, the one that goes alone with the story, the other 2 endings are like bonus feature of what could have happened if you do or don't do certain things).

The burner was the first yeah that one destroyed most of Sector A, the Glutton was the one you killed in the room, that one ate every one outside and the watcher is the flying one. Magda is crying cause she is waiting for Kalengo to come, but then she realize, that he might be dead cause he doesn't shows, thats why she cried... and yeah he is dead he is the corpse you found in that cave. He got trapped in his own trap, the Glutton beast was over the door of the cave and he couldn't open it, he died for asphyxia, cause sector B (the kitchen and some parts of the working room. The place where you use the gas canister) were in fire... and there was lot of smoke around in the cave and in sector B. Well the gun was out of bullets... you can see in the Cut-scene that the guard used his 6 rounds in the beast. Thanks for the idea of the hints, i think its a great idea, cause yeah it sucks when you have to spoil the game reading a walk-trough. I think we maybe do a 3rd yeah and i like a lot an idea i received from a guy here in newgrounds about a town close the prison etc.. But i don't think it will be any time soon though. Of course not in 4 years like the time between the first one and this one!