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Jun 13, 2010 | 12:28 PM EDT

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I hope you like this game! i made this after watching some tutorials :D.....i worked very hard on this ,and here's the result!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's okay.,,

Things i liked:
1. Pac-man!
2. The Title got me intrested
3. No walls

Things i didn't like:
1. No way to defend yourself
3. One hit kill???

Overall, it's a good concept but needs more work.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I died every time i played, and then restarted got one dot and was told I won.
It really needs a lot of work, even if he worked hard on it.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

good idea!

I would love to see this with a little more continuity. more levels. add some gore.. you know..spice it up. overall, good job.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


this is kinda boring to meh..srry :( 6 waz for effort. ik itz hard to make games


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

umm, this is my conclusion

1. the idea of a pacman, without walls isn't bad
2. the choice of music is good

1. the graphics are(in my opinion) too simple: minus 2 points
2. the music eventually stops, u shuld make it loop(and a mute button)
3. u shuld have let the ghosts(or better 4 this game, A ghost) instead of a red dot with a sword
4. thegame has NOTHING to do with the title, it isn't hardcore or sumtin, u shuld make it sometin...more crazy, hardcore, hyper or things like that.

overall, i felt it was a 5, cuz it culd be better.

culd u please tell me where to get the song, or culd u please put it on the audio portal cuz its a remake :)