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Jun 10, 2010 | 8:29 PM EDT

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I hate adobe CS products.Now here is shellshock clock's (thats me) first true CC flash.And to all haters of the clock crew (that means you lock legion) EAT THE POWER OF UNICODE! %u250C%u2229%u2510(%u25D5 _%u25D5)%u250C%u2229%u251 0



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totally agree

Flash 8 for life, homie.

dan3697 responds:

flash 8 for life! *cheers brothuh*


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post on the forums. no one even knows who you are

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dan3697 responds:

i have but i dont often becuase my schedules are pretty busy,but i will soon.......hopefully.


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Really good.

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dan3697 responds:



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the price tag of a 'new' flash 'suite/(assload of useless added programs you'll NEVER use) is far too high, compared to an older, AFFORDABLE, WORKING program, such as Flash 8. Adobe is just in it for the money now, (and apple doesn't like anyone else copying their greed, hence the high prices on all the new shit; them trying to make up for what they lost themselves)

Also, greater cost does NOT equal better quality, I can tell someone below is an apple fanboy, and before anyone mentions any hardware 'limitations', can you run the new stuff, too? I can clearly run that waste of 1.8GB called CS5, but I won't even bother with it, or use it for that matter.
"If it refuses to divide by zero, it isn't trying and can't do everything."

dan3697 responds:

I completely agree with you man!


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Better products cost more

One of the reasons Adobe CS cost more is because they are only limited by your computer hardware and your mind. Otherwise they can practically do anything.

dan3697 responds:

you poor,poor,deluded thing you.