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Jun 9, 2010 | 6:55 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 10, 2010

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What would I do if this got daily first and front paged?

Had a bunch of random people submit voice overs of the following sentence:
"WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF ____________________?" and asked them to fill in the blank.

Thanks for the voice overs! (I giggled manies.)

Sorry to those who's voice overs I didn't include!
Some voices didn't match with the others or couldn't be included because of how long they were.
Please submit again for the next one!

Because of how busy I am, I had two other animators help me out. (Fungasm and Oryozema)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

What would I do?

If all toilet paper turned in to stereotypical Chinese people?
A: I would have to use one of them to wipe my ass with.

If I woke up to found out I was British?

A: Be British.
Also being tied up and kept in your basement.

A: well what the fawk could I do. I'm tied up.

If I caught my dad kissing santa claus?
A: wouldn't give a shet.

If I was in a spaceship with a scitso Bee.

A: Bee's once they sting have extreme chances of losing their stinger. Thus dieing ultimately with out one. I probably get stung once or twice with out much threat. Now trying to make it alive from the space ship. That's the real question.

If the next president was a elephant?

A: We already had a Ass of a president, now we have a black president. I think the Elephant president would probably be more helpful then a black, ass, president.

If all Chinese people turned in to robots.

A: Since by means there are people with mixture of genes. If the full blooded Chinese people turned in to robots. Well then their wouldn't be too many and I'll just have to drop a E.M.P bomb on them.

If a alligator came out of no where going Pa-dow! pa Do!

A: Why would I care? Already have an elephant as a president.

If all robots wanted to have Sex with me.

A: At least their would be Chinese robots.

If a lama came in, punched me, and called me a fat kid.

A: Yes.

If my cat and dog became best friends and forgot about me.

A: I shoot them with nerf guns during a daily basic. I don't think I care all that much if they left. (Though I do love them)

If my balls sucked in to my body and my voice turned gay like that.

A: get a job in the family guy voice overs.

If my hands became penguins and some thing became not penguins.

A: Then I have penguins hands to masturbate with.

What if you were a proper lady.

A: That is not a what if you would... question.

If a blue lobster batman came from the ceiling and killed my head.

A: I be dead, jack ass.

If I went to the supermarket and the tortila (Can't spell) bag unleashed a million super hero tortila chips... with cheese.

A: See if they can survive water.

If I became a sponge.

A: Find Patrick and hope to god Squid is around to annoy.

Now for my question...

What would you do if God gave you the choice to create anything in a day.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


loved every bit of it
keep it up man


Rated 5 / 5 stars

what would u do

if you could only give this movie a good review


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Bi-Sexual Lobster....lolololololo


Rated 5 / 5 stars


that spongebob seizure was funny as hell, so was herbert the pervert

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