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May 31, 2010 | 12:19 PM EDT

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[ NOTE 1 ] : I am on a new account, Tri-Circle is no more, I will not be able to respond to new reviews and I probably wont ever see any new reviews or responses to reviews I have made.

[ NOTE 2 ] : TO ALL MODERATORS / SITE ADMINISTRATORS if you can move my flashes off of my Tri-circle account and onto my ToastedToastyToast account then I would really appreciate it.

[ NOTE 3 ] : If at any point you experience a glitch, then usually (But not always) the glitch is not the fault of the author (Me), is not a glitch / bug / error / problem and is not caused by programming mistakes. If you are experiencing any problems then please take a look at this news post before making accusations:
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Instructions are in game.

This was made during a time when me and my family all loved falling balls within a couple of days. An Ipod game. I liked it som much I made this flash version of it, bastardizing it to a pulp and spraying it with and unecesary ammount of blood and splattering it gooey organs in the process. Its pretty simple, instructions are in the game, not much to it really.

I was not aware of Tangerine panic at the time, it was as I said based off of an Ipod game called Falling Balls.
No, the sequal is not likely to come and if it does then it wont be for a long time.

Hope you like it!
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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Can be much better.

This game is quite simple and gets boring after a while. The idea is ok, but you can do much better. Same for the graphics. Let me make myself clear.

I'll start off with the idea of the game. It's ok, it's original. It looks like bubble trouble, only thing here is that you got one life. I think it would be better if you had more than one life. This makes people play your game for longer and it motivates.

On to the graphics and animations. The animations are fine. I like how the character gets crushed by a ball, smooth animation. Well done. However, i think the graphics are really lazy. Just white and black, except for the red blood. Plain and simple. Make your game more appealing with nicer and perhaps more colorful graphics. The graphics are, in my opinion, a rushjob.

For the gameplay itself, it seems that you didn't bother to add additional stuff in the game. Make your game more fun to play with additional stuff like items, enemies, ranks, whatever you can think of! Of course you don't have to excaggurate, but believe me, this makes your game already a lot better and more fun to play. As the game is now, it gets boring after a while.

The music is not that good, but that doesn't matter too much. What i mean by that is that this game only has one music track, perhaps you should have added some more. But that's not that extremely necessary, i won't give a lower score for this.

Submitting highscores doesn't work, i also read this in your author comments. It would be better if it worked before you uploaded this. Putting a mochi highscore system in your game is extremely easy. Just download the API from mochi games, paste the 'mochi' map in your .FLA classpath, add the actionscripts that are given to you on their website to your movie as instructed, and you're done. Just trying to help you here. I hope it's going to work.

For glitches/bugs and the programming, great job. This game seems bug/glitchfree and the programming is flawless and works fine. Good job.

So for the final verdict, i am saying that if you can improve on the points i mentioned, you can make a great game. It's a nice shot, but it just isn't good enough. 2/5 - 4/10
- Pollux

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tri-circle responds:

nice reveiw, cant beleive i read the whole thing, i do beleive scored me a bit too low. thats the kinda score people give to newbies for effort. i kinda like the graphics, its based off of a popular ipod app and i tried to keep them the same. the programming is flawless, i test the coding every couple of lines to eradicate glitchs then i test every outcome i can think of to see it doesnt glitch out. thanks for the critisism, i aint good with music and i didnt even want to use elevator music that much because its so oiverused already.
Oh and by the way, the animation is smooth because its scripted randomly. i used a gravity based script for the organs flying and the blood was easy to animate because its just a random red splatter!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

fun game. gets addictive

i think its prty good. i think u shud put some kind of lives in the game cuz it gets hard fast and since u only have one life, it'd be over prty quik. for the most part-gud game

tri-circle responds:

i actually considered the lives thingy, but since it was supposed to be a highscore game it desided not to and the style doesnt really support healthbars.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i lied it

it was pretty good maybe add some lives and alternate controllers and you should add a gun so you can shoot the balls but over al i liked it.

tri-circle responds:

some good ideas, dont know about the gun but upgrades are very possible!


Rated 3 / 5 stars


but its soo sample just you runig of a ball

tri-circle responds:

i know, but simplicity is sometimes good! To be honest the design is based mostly off of the ipod app, check that out if you want, its free on the ipod touch app store!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The game was surprisingly fun BUT

1. The sound of the balls bouncing was repetitive, but okay,

2. when a larger ball hits you, there is no bloodstain on it, like when a small ball hits you

Thats about it. Good job anyway :)