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May 31, 2010 | 12:19 PM EDT

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[ NOTE 1 ] : I am on a new account, Tri-Circle is no more, I will not be able to respond to new reviews and I probably wont ever see any new reviews or responses to reviews I have made.

[ NOTE 2 ] : TO ALL MODERATORS / SITE ADMINISTRATORS if you can move my flashes off of my Tri-circle account and onto my ToastedToastyToast account then I would really appreciate it.

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Instructions are in game.

This was made during a time when me and my family all loved falling balls within a couple of days. An Ipod game. I liked it som much I made this flash version of it, bastardizing it to a pulp and spraying it with and unecesary ammount of blood and splattering it gooey organs in the process. Its pretty simple, instructions are in the game, not much to it really.

I was not aware of Tangerine panic at the time, it was as I said based off of an Ipod game called Falling Balls.
No, the sequal is not likely to come and if it does then it wont be for a long time.

Hope you like it!
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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I actually expected something else by saying "Falling Balls", lol, but i liked the game. I would suggest you something, but zac333 and The-Winged-Serpent sayed everyhting i wanted to say. Great game, you SHOULD make another one.

tri-circle responds:

yeah, thnx, im making a new falling balls thatll be on newgrounds soon!


Rated 1 / 5 stars


its ok i guess, but it gets very boring

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tri-circle responds:

I feel i deserve a better rating than 2, but being honest is more important. you could have atleast given some sort of constructive critisism.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You have a well composed game here, my friend. Well done.

tri-circle responds:

nah its nothing special really, but thanks anyway


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Decent

this is not the best game ever, but it is a good time waster.
I do disagree with the other user when it comes to the bounce noises, i simply don't mind them much.

Several thing could make this better

1= a little color instead of simply black and white outline. maybe the balls could vary in color. along with a little background design.

2= music issues.. a little change every now and then would be nice.

3= zac333 had a good idea with the different ball types.

4= level system. maybe instead of poits you could have a high score being what level you lasted till. each level would have a set amount of time with each level getter harder and longer than the last.

5= jumping would be nice. that would add quite a lot maneuverability options to this.

6= how about a couple bonncing power ups one could grab( inuribillity, super speed, freeze all balls, all slow ball, change ball size. )

anyways, not a classic, but still a decent game

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tri-circle responds:

upgrades is good, most of your suggestions are okay and possible. but jumping is definately not an option or how whould you get crushed? it just complicates the game too much!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not very new, but not bad

I enjoyed the music, at least much more to the bouncing sound. If you could remove that, then that'd be awesome. Definitely a game I would play when I'm bored out of my skull, which happens more often than not, but not for very long. Maybe if there was a way to mix it up, maybe a sort bonus system or change up the music, background, speed, stuff like that. An arrow system would work well for laptop users too. Replay value's not very high, but if you get rid of that bouncing sound then that'd be awesome.

tri-circle responds:

k, but you can turn the sounds off by pressing "S"! GAAGH! does nobody read my comments or use the options?!?