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Adventure - RPG

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May 27, 2010 | 9:53 AM EDT

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Stranded on a mysterious island, it is up to you to restore peace to its villagers. Become a powerful warrior - growing your powers and abilities through over 50 quests across a distinct and visually stylized world. Discover and raise loyal pets that will fight by your side in this unique action RPG. Customize your appearance as you gain new armor and weapons from wooden sticks to elemental swords.

Tried to make a game that had elements on action RPG games like Zelda mixed with a pet system like Pokemon. Looking back at it now, I don't think I should have done an isometric view, but rather a more relaxed view that gave easier movement controls to the user. I kept some features like crafting, minigames, etc out on purpose in case there is demand for a sequel.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good But...

I really enjoyed this game but like most people I have a few issues with it:

- Pets. The Pets idea was great but sometimes your pet would run into a battle and it would be inevitable to save it.

-Loot Quests. One of the first quests where you need to get 8 Beetle shells took way too long. You should raise the chance of the quest item drop when you are on that particular quest.

-Saving and Healing. No Autosave meant that if you forgot to save and you died, you'd have to do the same quests all over again. And the healing potions costing too much was a bit annoying aswell.

Apart from those flaws, it's a pretty decent game :D Well Done.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Armor games have a knack for this

I love your games. This one is no exception.

I've only played the game for 10 minutes, but I was thinking; if you added click to move, this would be an awesome game to play on an Android phone (now that flash 10.1 beta is available). Android phones with no keypads that is.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty damn good

9/10 because like the guy below me u should have revive pet spell cause the pet i started out with(only one of its kind) died and it sucked i coundnt bring it back and may be charcter creation would be cool and karma aperance idk karma thingy would be too hard probly

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

what u shud of made (srry if this is an insult)

made a revive pet spell

make the night out at the den free

cant think of anything else

o wait for females make a female character

BTW im a male


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

close, but no dice.

the concept was a good one, but the execution needs work.

-the items in the shop are too expensive. without any kind of significant income, there's no way you can afford them.

-the health regeneration is too slow to be useful, and the healing items are too expensive to be plentiful.

-the fact that you lose your pet when it dies is annoying and is too much of a problem, due to the your inability to protect your pet. maybe let them stand on the same square so navigation isn't such a pain?

-the game feels like a grind because of the constant, steep level climb. smooth it out a little.

-the lack of weapon/armor drops, along with the absence of treasure-chests is a problem, as it forces the player to use the broken shop system to buy gear upgrades.

-"Hatch Time" is a pain, as it takes that long in Real Life to be of any use, cut down on this or just replace it.

-the hatched monster's level is usually too low to be useful. maybe put an XP boost on the pet untill it reaches the player's level?

-i didn't see any different pet "types" only the same "generic melee" attacks. no range? no healing? no spells for pets? give the pets some variety. make it more tactical, rather than just a dummy-tank system. a pet that heals you or throws spells or ranged attacks would be fantastic to see.

-the fact that pets you get later are more powerful is B.S. it should be that the longer you have it, the more powerful it becomes. that's part of the Pokemon deal, and doing away with it takes away form the whole "part pokemon-game" element.

if you can fix the above problems, you'll have a game i'd be willing to waste hours playing. this one... well, you got two hours at least.

5/10, but it definitely has potential! work on it and try to balance it.

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