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May 26, 2010 | 10:53 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 27, 2010
  • Weekly 4th Place June 1, 2010

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In the 1066 game you get to control the English, Viking or Norman armies. The aim of the game is to defeat your enemy's army by killing or scaring off as many of them as possible! The game puts you into the thick of the action, giving you direct control over every arrow barrage, cavalry charge and defensive stand. Taunts, chants and the presence of a strong leader will all prove crucial to winning the day.

A multiplayer option also offers the chance to test your mettle against friends.

If the game is running slowly for you, try right clicking and changing the quality to 'medium' or 'low'. This should help improve performance.

For full instructions, click on the 'How to Play' section of the game.
Moving and Attacking the Enemy
Selecting the 'Move' command allows you to select a new position for your unit. The highlighted area indicates your unit's range of movement. Different units can move different distances.
The Battle Unfolds
Once you have selected your commands, hit the 'EXECUTE COMMANDS' button and all the actions are played out in the Battle View. You will need to keep your wits about you, as you will be thrown into different mini-games which will determine the outcome of the round.
Click and drag your mouse on the battlefield to select the power and angle of your archer attack - then let go to rain arrow down on your enemy.
When two opposing units are next to each other, combat will occur. Hit the cursor keys at the right time to inflict brutal damage on your enemy.
Type the insult as quickly as possible to rally your troops and scare your enemy into submission.
When a unit is charging tap the space-bar as quickly as possible to build up power and smash through your enemy.
The morale of your army is incredibly important in the game, so keep a close eye on the ARMY MORALE in the info panel. Keeping your morale high and reducing that of your enemy will be the key to victory.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars June 22, 2010


good game but when i am about beet my friend my game lags out please fix


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 20, 2010

Great and awesome game.

I never liked strategy games. I hate them. But I don't know what this game has that I like it. Poor that there's not enough battles in story mode. So, that's for me, 9/10 4/5.


Rated 3 / 5 stars June 19, 2010

its ok

its fine , not the greatest game ive ever played but not the worst


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars June 18, 2010

Great! Maybe just one problem

My enemies spear militia kills more of my knights on horseback... even when I attack them!!! That makes no sense at all LOL, -1 for my review, but it's alright.

There was also a problem with skipping the intro. But that problem is very easy to fix, just press quit and go back into the story, then SKIP RIGHT AWAY. no deducted points for that ^_^.

Archery wasn't THAT hard to control, some people don't know the procedure. Ready... aim... fire.

There was also no problem (at least for me) with the taunting. Yes the AI usually gets brutal taunts but it won't bother you if you're winning. Take for example, a game of basketball. You score points after points, then someone stands up and yells "You suck!". It won't bother you right? You know you don't because of your current performance, where as if you keep missing shots of get keeping dunked on, and then someone says you suck, then it's going to get to you and ruin your game even more. That's the point with the taunting. If you seriously have trouble with morale, go after the enemy's prestige/king/leader first, forget about taunting. Defeat them. They will lose maybe 70+ morale right there. From then on taunting will get them down even further, and any taunting towards you will barely do anything to you (really depends on how many men you still have left and how much morale difference there is. Usually 3X their morale and them getting a brutal taunt will raise their morale by 1 and lower yours by 2, whereas if you taunt back, you can get about 4-5 back, lower theirs by 2-3. 2X is lower, but will work just as well with their leaders defeated). I'm not sure if you can taunt the AI to defeat because after 2 opp morale, it wasn't going down anymore... so I just went and killed them with a little over 70 morale left.

The hand-to-hand combats were a little... luck based. You'd have to get tons of buttons to press to begin with, or else you'll end up losing more of your own men than theirs, even if you get brutal. Not to mention sometimes the buttons would be late in registering (so for that, I'd press them a half second before I'd have to).

Fortifying was pretty useless, even against archers. Or maybe I'm not understand exactly how it works. Charging was too overpowering against the opponent, I'd already have the bar filled with 2 seconds left. Should maybe cut down the timer by 1 at the most.

That's it for me, 9/10, 5/5

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Rated 5 / 5 stars June 18, 2010

Very educational and strategic.

I love war strategy games. I love them even more when you get something out of it. I also like the layout. Instead of the standard 1 lane battlefield, you split it into 5 and that's effectively making it 5 times more fun.

I greatly enjoyed the game and am looking forward to more.


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