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May 10, 2010 | 5:50 AM EDT

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My first game, learned a lot and hope to learn more. Hope you guys dig it. It was a real pleassure working with the people who voiced the characters. A great learning experience. ^^

There are a few hidden upgrades, the average playtime for this from start to finish is around 25 minutes judging from my playtesters.

WALKTHROUGH >> tch?v=kBhtqtmwKic << There is a space in the word 'watch' newgrounds is auto inserting it or something, I've removed it a dozen times. You'll have to remove it before you submit the url.

There are variations in the game depending on how you treat your crew, but nothing major. Just different dialogue and dialogue trees that open up later.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It was nice

Considering this is your first game, I think you did pretty well. Maybe in the sequel the protagonist can have a voice? Maybe? The nano-paint was easy to figure out, once I took in to account the fact that if what I pressed in regards to the upper part did nothing, then I should look else where. Cue random clicking with the nano-paint. That showed me the little hidden guide/message/password for the door. Once I got that done it was pretty easy to see how to experiment with the items and the environment. By the way, the right side of the door with nano-paint puzzle is the password. I found it challenging, but fun. The only time I encountered a problem was when I didn't remember the password for the storage chest that had the nano-paint in it. Went back through the game and fixed that mistake on my part. All in all, it was pretty good. I am glad you thought to include a walkthrough in your description for those who need it (I didn't, lucky me), not many authors are willing to make even basic walkthroughs for some one just popping in to the middle of a game series. I hope you have continued success with this series. I hope to see the next one soon-ish.

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Hyptosis responds:

Thanks a million, pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks so much for the support. ^^


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Good but short.

I did enjoy the game, granted I got stuck on the nano paint for awhile too until I figured it out(hint: after spraying both sides pick the buttons after each symbol from left right side.). Was good game but notice after I got dodge up to 20 nothing could really attack me.

I did enjoy the game and was disappointed when it came to an end. I look forward to more of your creations.


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Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the feedback, yeah I see now that dodge is over powered, well, it is all a learning process I suppose. ^^


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyable

I, like many others, am stuck on the nano paint part. Other than that, the game was really well done.

I enjoy having a faceless protagonist. Since there is a number in my Head slot, I assume I am wearing a helmet, therefore having a face becomes redundant.

A few questions though.
1. Why can I not call the other crew members for help on a particular puzzle? Even calling them to hear, "I don't know" would be better than radio silence.
2. Why does the password to the chest have to be so long?

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

More. We need more.

But I'll complain. The last puzzle was really annoying, as was the "low battery" logbook-thing. I was only able to pass that point with the walkthrough. A player shouldn't be able to "break" the game like this. As someone mentioned earlier it would be nice to see our protagonist, maybe even hear him/her. As suggestions for the sequel go: more dialogue, preferably voiced. It would be nice to see dialogues affecting the actual gameplay. And how about being able to choose your gender? Then maybe a romance sub plot, eh? <wink, wink>

Everything else I liked very much and despite some minor flaws I had a lot of fun. 10/10

It's also a nice thing to see the author actually reading the reviews and responding to the feedback. You have my respect for that.

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Hyptosis responds:

Hey man, thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I thought about the log book a long time, but thought I offered enough warnings, regardless it won't happen again. That has been the single largest complaint. If you do care to replay, there are other dialogue trees, but they don't effect gameplay, just how the character treat you later in the game, Aethera in particular.

I actually left the character faceless on purpose, but a lot of people mentioned that they didn't like this so I'll give it some thought.

And yeah, the comments are the best part! ^^ Thanks again!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice first game

Loved playing it. Gameplay was a little hard for me. Maybe because I'm using a mac, but the point and click wasn't working so well and I had trouble with some of the puzzles due to a lot of double-clicking.

You made a nice story and combined well the elements of adventure and RPG. The game is a bit short for upgrading actually make a difference, but it was nice to see you worried about that. Tracking back the shopkeeper was really annoying, although I only did it once and basically bought batteries for my force field.

Since this is episode one I guess you're planning on doing a sequel so my constructive critics:
1- Love the voice actors, use them more;
2- Try to add some animation, it was a bit too static throughout;
3- Give a face to our hero! I'm sure you can come up with a good excuse to show him (her?);
4- Keep up the good work.


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Hyptosis responds:

Thanks a million. I'll take all of those points into consideration for the sequel, thanks so much!