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May 5, 2010 | 8:39 AM EDT

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'Kees' Adventure: The lost chapter' is an adventure game of epic proportions in which you'll need to help our hero get to a concert, but first he must help other people by trading items and getting the things they want. Will you be able to save the day and get Kees to the concert?

Use the arrow keys to move, space for actions and dialogue, enter and backspace to navigate through the menu. With the + and - you can adjust the volume of the sounds and with p you can pause the game.

I used the Flixel framework to make this game, it was all new to me so it took quite a while to get used to. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it.

This is a remake of Kees' Adventure 1, you can play the original and other games in this series here:
Kees' Adventure 1:
Kees' Adventure 2:
Kees' Adventure 3:



Rated 3 / 5 stars

hes kind of a square

An ok game but kees was painfully polite. He needs more character

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kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review, I'll be sure to give Kees more character in the next episode.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

First one i've played.

-Even though this was the first game in the series of Kees' Adventures that i've played it was fun and I didn't get lost in the plot.

-The menu was a lot different than i'm used to. Normally there is a click to start menu or something of that nature. You went with the classic push a button to go to the next page. That and having to use the arrow keys to navigate the menu. It falls in line with older systems of games as far as the 8-bit style. It's good that you stayed in the same line of game making instead of adding newer elements to an old style game.

-Once I actually got in to the game it had that classic 8-bit style that the flixel engine is so good for. The animation in the game was rather plain though. In a lot of the parts where people could of been doing something they were just standing still and seemed robotic. Try having more movement for characters that aren't being used by the person playing the game.

-The game was also very linear. You had to talk to person at point A. Go through the dialouge that is automatically given to you. Go get item at point B. Then bring said item back to the person at point A. It didn't create much of a challenge or create a dynamic of having choices to what you wanted to do. I'm not sure if the flixel engine will allow you to have dialouge choices that you can pick and work off of that or if it's too simple of a framework. I have yet to look into exactly how it works or tried to make anything with it.

-Getting back to the linearity of the story. It makes the game not much of a challenge and gives no replayability since if you know where something is once you will be able to find it agian. That and there weren't any multi-step tasks that you had to do. This made the tasks relatively easy and didn't require much thinking at all to complete.

-It was a fun little game to play but it didn't take long or much effort to complete. Overall just try to make the games in future installments longer with more plot dynamics that make the game more difficult. This will add more play time and the chance that people will want to come back and play it again.

-Review Request Club


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kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

You gotta love the classics...

...This is a nice game, and I didn't get bored playing it. I haven't played any other Kees' Adventures, but what the heck, at least I have a good first impression with this game :D. Good job on this one; there's room for improvement but this is way above the NG standard and is enjoyable ^^.

Animation wasn't extraordinary, although I suppose that's expected in an 8-bit type game like this. Maybe this lacks some more animation, such as at the concert: everyone was standing still and not moving, which made the concert look boring. Give it some more animation to make it more lively and give the flash a more dramatic ending. As for the graphics, I really like them. They were not too complicated, but did the job well, and the characters were drawn excellently. My only complaint with the graphics would be how you drew the hand at the end. It looks weird and unnatural. Other than that, superb graphics.

The concept isn't too good unfortunately. It started off with a good start, but the whole 'normal life, date with a girl to a concert' where you happen to find someone who tells you the 'fate in the world rests in your hands' (I don't know how many times I heard that line before :P) is quite unoriginal and an overused concept. However, the gameplay overall is impressive. You had a decent amount of options such as pause, volume control and a mute option too, plus the game was well-made, with signs next to every building telling you what it is, a wide variety of different characters and some funny conversations.

The gameplay still isn't flawless though. The first and most obvious defect is that, as Roger said, it's so easy. Basically, for the whole game, you have to get random items from random people and give the random items to some other random person... randomly xD... What I'm trying to say is, allow your character to do stuff with his items, such as combine them to get a new item you might need, and allow your character to use items on certain things in the game to progress, instead of just give items to people. Also, add some puzzles; make this more mind-challenging. It will definitely provide much more satisfaction once the game is complete. Finally, make the items harder to find, like for example, you might find an item in the trashbin or in some drawer, instead of finding them lying on the ground or by asking people.

One thing that might make the game harder (other than hiding items in different places and adding some sort of ability to combine items to get a new item/use items on other things in the game) would be to make the places bigger. For example, when they lost the tickets, the place they were in was tiny, with a minimal amount of characters. You just had to ask certain characters what they want, find what they want, they give you another item, you give it to another character, etc... and this is all really easy in a really tiny place. Make the place a bit bigger, maybe even add some characters which give you misleading information or say something useless, because as far as I know, every character contributed to helping you out except Patrick who shouts out "Trollforce!" all the time.

Some other small things which would be cool would be stuff like you being given a choice to answer in a certain way to people. Instead of letting your character do all the talking, you can occasionally choose what to say to the other characters. Also, something really small but helpful would be if you already have a certain item which a character wants. He still says 'can you find it for me?' when you already have it, so make it that if you already have it, they say something like 'Oh, there it is! You're one step ahead of me! Thanks!' instead of you having to talk to them immediately after to give them the item.

The audio was alright. It lacks sound effects, but the music was nice and catchy. Still, it wasn't really anything too special. It sounded pretty plain if you get what I mean. Maybe you can also add different songs.

So overall, nice work, this is a fun game! Keep it up.

-Review Request Club-

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kcnh responds:

Thank you very much! You have written quite an impressive review, I'll be sure to use your advice for the next episode!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Liked it...

I really liked this game, since you improved a lot since your last Kees' Adventure. I think the pixel graphics made the game look way cooler... But there is only a little problem, the game is very short and easy, I know it's hard to make a difficult game w/out making it extremely hard to beat, but, it was way too easy...

As I was playing I saw the improvement you made, the difficult is harder, the graphics are cooler, and the story is well elaborated, I liked the concept and the characters, the conversations are funnier, the game improved a lot, man, you made a really great job, when comparing this game to the 3rd game...

Anyways, the game was pretty cool, it was very funny, and you improved a lot, keep it up, man, you have potential!!

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kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review, I'll be sure to make the next game harder!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

And so the story continues

A nice little game and the cause and effect has been continued from the last chapter, which is great. Perhaps there is a way to increase what you need, like by adding more items that you need for one or two of the quests and perhaps having the option of asking Blonda or the Brunette out, with different endings?

You've progressed well and have used a nice piece of music to go along with this and as a whole piece, you can tell where the game has gone forward. I'm actually getting quite excited to see how this next episode takes the story onwards.

[Review Request Club]

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kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review, I am glad you are excited to see how the next episode takes the story onwards. And I'll be sure to make the next episode longer.