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LL - Renew

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Apr 20, 2010 | 7:20 PM EDT

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It may be noted that the Lock Legion's presence at newgrounds is nearly zero. Many of us have begun to feel that this needs to change, and sparked by a thread Refresh made at the LL forums, many of us are prepping for a hail mary pass this lockday, including a site redesign, and a few other large scale projects. help us revive our community. feel free to come on down to to sign up, and always remember that THE LOCK LEGION PWNS JOO!!!!!




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So you're plan is to play the pity card in order to recruit new members? The LL shouldve died off years ago. Lets face it, the group is based off of a horrible joke created by an idiot who was mad he got demodded on a website that existed 7 years ago.

Its time to let it go.

LeafLock responds:


edit: well, it's been more than a year since i first responded to your review. having had this much time to reflect, i now have a proper response for you. was i playing the pity card? not at all sir. my intent was merely an attempt to rally the troops one last time. to try and reignite the spark of imagination that runs deep in all of us, and to inspire people to rekindle a community that has brought many great works of art to this website(as many as, if not more than your own group). the lock legion may have started as a joke, as a spin off, but we were the first spin offs. and we took the idea and brought it further than you clocks could have dreamed. our group evolved into a community, into a family. the progress i have seen in this last year has filled me with hope. keep your eyes open this lock day, because we're gonna blow the doors down.

<3 LeafLock

-p.s. i have to laugh every time the clocks say that they are the originals. there is not a single original member left in that crew, who do you think you are fooling? you guys are just as unoriginal as we are.


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As a whole there hasn't been much crew activity in general. It's nice to see a little animation from you and it does have a very valid point. The lock legion was one of the better groups in the sense that they actually worked together to make good flash videos instead of spamming endlessly. I had a little stint with the bomb brigade a while back so I know what it's like to be in one of these ng groups. I may cook something up for lock day to get back in the spirit but i'm not sure what i'll do.

LeafLock responds:

lol, well it'd be great to see you submit something. and if you ever feel the urge, come on down to and join up. :3


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awsome video

its becouse of all the new laws and regulations and if say one small not nice thing u can get into trouble for not liking there video most of the videos use to be xxx theres nothing wrong with that and it was best site for that kinda stuff now they just have pg videos now


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Spread the word, buds.

LeafLock responds:

<3 LL shall live on!